Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is Good Skin Really Based On DNA?

In this case, yes!! And no, I'm not talking about your DNA, I'm talking about the Stila One Step Correct!! This new primer contains 3 shades of color correctors in a DNA-looking swirl:

I still can't believe that I haven't told you about this new favorite of mine! It's incredible! So first off, the tri-color effect is supposed to help with the 3 main discoloration problems: green to neutralize redness, peach to brighten the skin tone, and lavender (the whitish looking shade) to counteract sallowness. Not only do the 3 colors actually do what they are supposed to, the primer formula is lightweight, is non-sticky, is hydrating, helps face makeup last all day long, AND it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and makes pores appear smaller!! For me, the smaller appearance of pores is the reason I love this on myself. It is this and the other positive factors that are the reason I keep using this on clients of all ages!

Top Left: Straight from Tube, Top Right: Completely Blended
Bottom Middle: Blended slightly

When you blend the product out completely, the colors blend out and are invisible, so no green or red patches are visible. There are a couple reasons this may not work for you: if you have Rosacea or too much discoloration, this may not be strong enough and you may need a primer with stronger color correctors. Also, this does not have SPF, but I almost like it better without because I can use this for special occasions when photographs will be taken. Overall, I think this is a great primer and everyone should try it! I've even stopped using my MAC primer for this.....shhh...but don't tell that little black tube in my train case. 

Kajal Couture Rating: A+

What are your fave primers? Will you be trying this out?

Disclaimer: This product was provided by PR for consideration.


  1. This is so fab, but I don't know when we'll start getting stuff like this in India *sigh*.

  2. Is this a good primer for wedding makeup? I read online that it doesn't contain silicones which already makes it a winner for me because I'm allergic to them!

  3. Ohh..no..why did you have to do this...now I want this... :-))
    Tell me, can we just use this primer and MAC studio fix powder or MSF ??

    Summer is coming here..so i want to wear less of foundation

  4. @Tanveer Aw, I wish more of these brands would make their way to the desh....hopefully soon!!

    @Ki Yes! I have used this on brides and it looks great! Especially because it has no SPF, and the no silicone factor would be great for you. I recommend it!

    @Maddy Hehe....I think this would be great with the Studio Fix Powder. I have used it with just the MSF and it provides a nice, light coverage with even skin tone. Let me know what you think if you try it! =)

  5. ooo what a good idea! i really like the sound of this primer - thanks for the review x

  6. Wow sounds like a great new product to try. I have always used the MAC Primer with SPF but I here the SPF is not good for photographs. I'll be sure to add this to my list of new products to try.

  7. Thanks Rani. I think I will try it this weekend

  8. @KI You are welcome! Let me know what you think when you try it! =)

    @BeautyGeeek You're welcome dear! Are you going to try this?

    @Neena This IS a great product to try! I like(d) that MAC one too, but I love the texture of this one and it is definitely better for special occasions when you will be photographed.

    @Maddy You are welcome! Let me know how you like it! =)

  9. i love their primers=)

  10. Can anyone tell me reviews of this product?



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