Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New MAC Sponges and Accessories

So everyone has been talking about the upcoming Flighty and Fashion Flower collections from MAC, but did you know MAC is also releasing 6 new accessories next week? Check these out:

1. All Blending Sponge: An ultra-soft, latex-free NBR sponge shaped for a more controlled and flawless application of cream and liquid foundations and makeup products. An updated pink version of the Flat Oval Foundation sponge. $8

2. Duo-Sided Sponge: A dual-sided sponge designed to provide versatility in application. Use the smooth pink side for liquids, gels and creams. The white flocked side for flawless delivery of powders and powder foundations. Buff and polish with either side. $8

3. Pro Performance Sponge: A sponge designed and shaped to enable precise application and blending of liquid or cream formulas in hard-to-reach areas of the face. Pink. Latex-free. $18

4. Spray Pump: A screw-on spray pump for M·A·C travel bottles. Spill-and-leak proof. The secure way to carry your liquids. Provides a spray-mist application. $6

5. Half Lash Curler: A demi-version of the M·A·C Lash Curler. Designed to lift and curl the shorter, more inaccessible lashes at the inner corner of the eye. Works with the same easy "squeeze and release" motion of the full-sized version. $14

6. Duo-Sided Sharpener: A sharpener designed for eye and lip pencils of any size. Features one small and one large opening located side by side. Precision-honed. Includes a cleaner to help clear the blade of excess product. $6

All images and descriptions via MAC Cosmetics Pro.

I have the older (now discontinued) version of the duo sharpener and it kept opening up in my makeup bags and the shavings would fall out, so I hope the new one is better. I am also looking forward to the Pro Performance Sponge. Any of these products catch your fancy?


  1. I'd love to try the Pro Performance sponge, looks like a good dupe for the beauty blender! x

  2. @Rocaille My thoughts exacty! It has an interesting shape so I am curious to know how well it works!

  3. I am also eyeing the sponge.

  4. that and the spray pump.... you think i can use that for foundation??

  5. @aparna I think the spray pump might not be good for foundation. Most foundations are too thick to be sprayed. If you use a foundation like MAC Studio Fix they do sell a pump that fits that bottle. The spray pump I talked about in the post is more for products like water, makeup remover, and brush cleanser.

  6. hmm i wonder if the Pro Performance Sponge would work as well as the beuaty blender.. It looks interesting



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