Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Eye Looks

The MAC Surf, Baby collection is officially out online in the US and I am so excited because it's the first MAC collection in a long time that I think has some really great products. It also helps that MAC's summery beach collections tend to be amongst my favorites (I LOVED To The Beach last year!). The products I am most excited about are the eye liners (go figure) and the shadows. 

Of course, I couldn't wait to try the liners so I busted those boxes open and started a' linin'!

Blue Noon and Gilded White Powerpoint Eye Pencils

Here is a quick and easy look using Blue Noon on my upper lash line and Gilded White in the inner corner and lower lash line:

I love wearing a pop of color on the top lash line because it isn't in-your-face but it is still a fun and easy way to add color to my makeup. When you look at my overall look, the blue doesn't stand out, but up close you can tell I am wearing some color. 

MAC Paint in Chartru on lid and browbone
MAC Light Ray all over lid and browbone
MAC Coquette in crease
MAC Blue Noon on upper lash line
MAC Plushlash Mascara

Victoria's Secret Face Primer
MAC Studio Stick Foundation
MAC Moisturecover Concealer
MAC Bronze Cream Color Base on Cheeks

MAC See-Sheer Lipstick (new fave)

So after playing with the liners, I wanted to play with the two star shadows of this collection, Sun Blonde and Surf USA:

 Sun Blonde and Surf USA Shadows

I like Sun Blonde a lot because it really is more yellow than anything MAC has in their permanent collection. The closest I have is Goldmine, which is lighter and less yellow than Sun Blonde.

 Left: Sun Blonde, Right: Goldmine (with flash)

 Left: Sun Blonde, Right: Goldmine (natural light)

Surf USA is also a gorgeous shade of blue that is the perfect shade of the ocean. I already had Saffron from the Mickey Contractor collection. All the shadows from Surf Baby have great color payoff, are super blendable, and very easy to work with. 

Left: Saffron, Right: Surf USA

I know a lot of bloggers have been doing the yellow and blue beachy look using Sun Blonde and Surf USA, so I decided to do a different kind of summery look using Sun Blonde and Saffron.

(don't mind the wonky lashes...I was having a bad lash day)

In this look I used the following on my eyes:

MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque on lid and browbone
MAC Arena on inner corner
MAC Sun Blonde on lid
MAC Saffron in crease
MAC Vanilla to highlight
MAC Engraved Powerpoint Pencil on upper lash line
MAC Plushlash Mascara

What do you think of these looks? I am going to try out the Studio Careblend and creme stick bronzers from this collection and will report back on what I think of those. In the meantime, what are you most looking forward to from Surf Baby?

P.S. If there is something you want that is already sold-out online, try calling your local MAC and have them put it on hold. Most stores are going to start selling Surf Baby on Wednesday, not Thursday, so they will hold it till then. I know my local store only got 2 of each pigment stacks so if that's on your wish-list, try calling ahead to try and get your hands on 'em!


  1. I loved both the looks!! :) very very pretty!!
    MAC Light Ray and MAC Coquette are on my must have list now! :) Brilliant!!

  2. @Ik thanks dear! Light Ray was a LE shade but there are many similar to it, but you can def get Coquette! It's permanent and very versatil!

  3. I love Saffon. I must have that color!

  4. Oh.. yeah I'll find something that looks LIKE THAT on me. :) I cant get over how pretty it looks on you! :)

  5. @productdoctor Saffron is very pretty and unique!!

    @Ik You are too sweet! =)

  6. That second look you did is lovely, those colours look amazing on you! :)



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