Saturday, June 11, 2011

Half Off at

Hey dolls! Are you familiar with online deals like Groupon and Living Social? Well, both sites offer daily deals that are like coupons or gift certificates. For instance, the daily deal might be a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant for $25. When you purchase the deal, you pay $25, and then you get an e-gift certificate for $50 that you can use whenever you want. I use both Groupon and Living Social all the time and they are legit sites that offer great deals...and are supposed to be for things that are popular and for those who have a social lifestyle. They have lots of deals for spas, restaurants, tourist activities, etc. and the deal is different for each city. It is free to sign up and everyday you will get an email letting you know what the daily deal is and if you like the deal, you can buy it!

Anyhoo, the Living Social deal for today is a $40 gift certificate for for only $20! I know it is a popular site for purchasing lots of beauty products, especially Coastel Scents makeup. However, if you look it up on the Living Social site, you have to look up the city Ft. Lauderdale which is in Florida. I am not sure why the deal is for Ft. Lauderdale, but since the deal is an online deal, it doesn't matter where you live. As long as Beauty Choice ships to you, you can use the deal!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend thus far! 

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  1. Great tip, thanks! I've been wanting to purchase a Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette. Is there any palette that you reccomend in particular?



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