Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Choosing a Makeup and Hair Artist for Your Big Day

As a makeup artist, I often get asked if I will be doing my own makeup for my wedding day. Since my wedding day is one of the few days in my life where I can be a total princess, I wanted to get the princess treatment and have my hair and makeup done by another professional. I think it is so relaxing to sit back and have some one play with my hair and makeover my face.
(This is me at work doing a makeup application)

Since I have some experience doing bridal makeup, I would like to share with you 10 tips about hair and makeup artistry for your wedding day:

1. First off, decide what type of look you are going for.

Do you want something classic that is timeless? Do you want something bold? Perhaps you want to go classic for your wedding ceremony and more modern and dramatic for the reception? Look at pictures online or of friends or magazines and see what type of look you want. It's helpful to your artist if you bring in these photos so they get an idea of the looks you like. 

To keep reading more of my article, check out the complete post on Maharani Weddings.


  1. great post. since i'm getting married i went ahead and read your list. i'm now interested in using false eyelashes--which brand/type do you remember? can you leave your answer in a comment on my blog?--getting married in 2 weeks!


  2. i meant, which brand of false lashes do you recommend?

  3. @Cheryl I really like the MAC lashes, though if you aren't too familiar, they are a bit tough to remove from the package. I also really like Ardell lashes. I believe you can get them at most drugstores, but I get mine from a makeup artist supply store.

  4. ok i'll look for both Ardell and Mac. thanks!



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