Monday, June 7, 2010

Current Fave: MAC Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker Review and Swatch

Because of my wedding and getting settled in to married life, I haven't had a chance to tell you about some of my fave products that I am loving and helped get me through all the wedding events. Well, here is one of them: MAC's Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker in Sunset. I used it a lot on the honeymoon since I didn't want to use sticky lipstick or gloss, and it still gave my lips some color.

This item got mixed reviews in the blogging world, but I will give you my two cents worth: I absolutely love it! This marker adds a stain to the lip that provides your lips with color that doesn't fade and looks natural. I picked up a couple but this one in Sunset is the one I have been using very often. Here is a swatch:

It doesn't look that spectacular on my hand, but on my lips, it looks so natural and juicy:

A lot of bloggers said this product was drying, but I don't believe it is that drying. I have used the MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolors (the double ended liquid lipstick) and those are may-jahly drying. This lipstain not so much. The marker deposits color evenly, though with some you may have to go over your lips twice to get a darker color. I think it's a great thing because you can customize the intensity. I recommend applying this not using the tip, but by gliding the sides against the lip, kinda like when you apply old school kajal to the waterline. Sometimes I use just this, sometimes I layer gloss on top, or for fancy occasions, I will use this as a base, then add lipstick and gloss on top. This is great for that because even when your lipstick fades, you still have color on your lips!

Kajal Couture Overall Rating: A

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: A great lipstain that leaves a hint of color, without the stickiness or mess of lipstick or gloss. Great for using on its own or for layering. Now only if they made this permanent....


  1. I am really becoming a fan of lip stains although I haven't had a chance to try these new markers. I love that they add just the right amount of color and last all day so there's some color to the lips.

  2. @Neena Yeah, lip stains are great...especially for summer. Which ones have you tried? I like these and I also like the Stila crushes.

  3. These MAC markers are simply wonderful. I wanted to do a red lip at a wedding recently and picked one up, topped it with a shimmery red Dior gloss and was set for the night.

    However... I just went to the site yesterday and it's only available in two colors now. I hope they keep them around for a while.

  4. sej, I've been following your blog and am now taking your recommendations. I'll try this one out! PS: I tried the Neutrogena nongreasy facial sunblock you recommended a while back (last summer maybe?) and it works beautifully. Thanks :)




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