Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sephora Smoothing Primer Review

I have been on a primer roll lately and have been trying out various face primers. Here is one I was trying out last week:
This is Sephora's Smoothing Primer for the face. For the record, I have not loved anything I have tried from the Sephora brand, even though thousands of people swear by their products. I think Sephora is a great store, but they should stick to carrying other brands instead of trying to produce cheaper versions. I did not change my mind after using this product.

The Pros: This is a silicon-based primer (that may be a CON for some of you), so it has that smooth, silky feeling to it. It is non-sticky and a little goes a long way. In terms of efficacy, this does provide a matte finish to the skin and any foundation or powder worn on top of the primer.

The Cons: This product sits on the skin instead of getting absorbed. Thus, after applying my foundation to this, I find that the foundation sort of slides around. I have to blend the foundation a little more than usual in order to get a smooth, even layer of foundation on my skin. Also, this primer did not help diminish the appearance of fine lines or help reduce pore size. 

This primer also does not have SPF, which is good for photography, but bad for daily use.

Kajal Couture Rating: C-

Overall, I couldn't understand why this product had such a high rating on the Sephora website. It didn't work for me at all. Have you tried this? 


  1. I have tried their Zero Shine primer ages ago and didn't like it at all; it didn't make my makeup last all day nor did it diminish the oiliness. Also, even though I'm very oily, I felt it was very drying on the skin! I don't think I'll be trying any primers by them any time soon.

  2. I love the store but have never been impressed by anything in their line.

  3. Oh wow, thanks for the honest review!

    I never really like the Sephora brand.

    ***** Marie *****

  4. I really love this primer! I got a sensitive/dry/combinated/oily skin and for all these types in one this product doesn't make it any worse. My make-up does stay longer with this! I love it (:



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