Thursday, January 6, 2011

MAC Mickey Contractor FOTD #2

After my recent look with the neutrals, I wanted to try a look using some of the brights from the MAC Mickey Contractor collection. The two bright shadows I used were Saffron and Rani.

 Saffron eyeshadow, Rani eyeshadow

I chose these two because Orange and Pink are two of the most common colors used for Indian ethnic wear. A lot of brides opt for brighter pinks, and pink-yellow or pink-orange outfits for their wedding reception. 

Here I used Expensive Pink (permanent shade) on the inner lid, Saffron on the middle of the lid, and Rani on the outer lid. I didn't really emphasize the crease. I used the same color gradient on the lower lid.

The shadows are very vibrant and easy to blend. Unfortunately my little pocket camera isn't the best so you can't really see how vibrant the colors are.

Don't mind my hair here....I was just playing around with the look so I didn't bother getting completely ready. I have a light touch of bronzer on my cheeks and on my lips I am wearing Yash lipstick topped with clear gloss. I love the lipstick shade because it is nude but not the super pale, sickly looking nude.

What do you think of these products? Did you get anything from the Mickey Contractor collection?


  1. The collection's still not reached india (it'll take another two weeks) but i'm really looking forward to saffron! Is it a very bright orange?

    Also, if you've seen it, how will sur be on an nc42-43 skintone?

  2. I love this look! Can't wait to try it.

  3. @Ki Saffron is bright but wearable. You can blend it out to tone it down or layer it for a brighter effect. I did use Sur in my previous Mickey Contractor FOTD, and yes, I think it will work for NC42-43 skintones. =)

    @Neena I hope you do try it! I know these colors will look good on you!

    @bhumika thanks dear!

  4. Oh I missed that FOTD! I'm so excited to try it! Thank u :)

  5. Just found your blog and loving it!! I'm so excited about the Mickey Contractor collection. I've reserved some items and am going to pick them up today. I think you mentioned in an earlier post that you were on the West coast and got transplanted to the East coast - guess what?? I've been temporarily transplanted from the East coast to the West cost (LA). I found it amusing!! Anyways, my best wishes to you - recently married and recently moved. :-)

  6. Hello Sejal!
    I found your blog and i must admit its great!
    It would be great if yu visit me on my blog:

    kisses from Poland!

  7. @Ki Glad you liked that FOTD!!! =)

    @SS Thanks so much!!! How funny that you did the opposite move! What do you think of the LA so far?

    @Brunette's Thanks dear! =)

  8. Your eye makeup here is fantastic! At the moment it's (supposed to be) summer in Australia and these colours would be perfect. I was originally going to skip over this MAC collection, but I may have to reconsider now :)

  9. I think LA has grown on me. :-) I will certainly miss this place when I move back. How are you liking "real" winters? :-) I think each place has it's charm.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Hi, I just started reading you blog. quite like it! i'm so excited about the Mickey collection for MAC. He's actually coming to MAC in Delhi, on January 23rd and I cant wait to rush there on Saturday and see what all info he'll offer :)

  11. That's just what I'd decided to pair it with today - Expensive Pink! I put Saffron on the whole lid. Layered Jete(LE) over top. Used Expensive Pink in outer V. I'm about NC 15/20.

  12. What an AMAZING look! Simply beautiful.



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