Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Addiction With Costco (and Kirkland Makeup Wipes Review)

If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I am OBSESSED with Costco. I love shopping at Costco, I love browsing at Costco, I love eating at Costco, I love samples at Costco, and I even look forward to getting my monthly Costco coupon book. Yes, I need CA....Costco-holics Anonymous.

Back to beauty.

After reading all the rave reviews of Costco's makeup wipes, the Kirkland (Costco's brand) Daily Facial Cleansing Towelettes, I just had to get them for myself. 

So after trying these out for a few months, what's my verdict? These wipes make me love Costco even more than I already did! Here's why:
  1. The wipes take off ALL makeup, including waterproof mascara and long-wear eyeliner
  2. The wipes are thicker than most so they hold up well and don't rip easily
  3. One wipe is more than enough to take off all my makeup, even stubborn eye makeup
  4. The wipes have a fresh scent, similar to a light cucumber smell, that is clean and refreshing
  5. The wipe amount in each package is varied...the Costco box includes 4 packs of 30 wipes and 2 packs of 15 wipes......ideal for traveling
  6. The wipes are cheap! You get a total of 150 wipes for about $11! And some months there is a coupon for the wipes!
So will these permanently replace my beloved MAC wipes? Maybe. There is only one thing I don't like about these wipes: the packaging. The opening is supposed to work like this:

However, I keep ending up with this problem:

The little plastic piece keeps coming loose, and often slips off the package entirely, meaning the package is exposed and the wipes could dry out. Now, I travel a lot and my wipes packages get tossed all over the place, so that might be why I experience this issue. If you only use these at home and keep them on a countertop, you probably won't have to deal with this. It's just a bit frustrating because I don't want my wipes to dry out, and I never had this problem with the MAC wipes. My MAC wipes would get tossed around as well, and since I used to use the 100 pack of MAC wipes, as opposed to the 30 pack of Costco wipes, one pack would last longer and endure more tossing around. But I still never had packaging issues.

All in all I probably will keep purchasing the Costco wipes and just hope they improve the packaging.

Kajal Couture Rating: A


  1. Hey you have a lovely blog. Following you now. :) :)

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  3. I LOVE these wipes. They are so handy. I keep the ones without the plastic inside my bag so that I don't have the problem of the plastic slipping out :)Last time I saw lint-free cotton rounds at Costco too, I am thinkin if I should stock up ;)

  4. @Nivedita Thanks, dear! I'm glad to have you following!

    @Appu Oooh....let me know what you think if you try those cotton rounds! Don't you just love finding great beauty deals at Costco?!?!

  5. I might try this, thanks for the review.:D

    ***** Marie *****



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