Monday, September 12, 2011

My Current Makeup Storage

Hello gorgeous! How are you? I have been traveling a lot lately, which explains my lack of posting, but it has been nice to be able to travel during the warm weather! It has been raining a lot in Philly so that just means fall and winter are quickly approaching and extreme cold temperatures will be here soon. 

A few months ago I found these adorable baskets and decided to use them to organize my daily use makeup and skin care products. There are 3 sizes:

- Large: holds large makeup items
- Medium: holds skincare
- Small: holds small makeup items and sits inside the large basket

 Here is the large basket next to my iPhone so you get an idea of the size:

Since the large basket is quite deep and I didn't want my products sinking to the bottom, I inserted a couple sheets of crumpled up packing paper at the bottom:

Here are the contents of the large basket:

- Holder with makeup brushes
- Holder with pencil liners, mascara, lip products, basically anything long and thin
- Skin primer
- Foundation
- Sunscreen
- Eye Primer
- Fix+

I also have one MAC palette with my most used shadows and depotted blushes. I do switch these products around every so often depending on my mood so these products are always rotating.

In the small basket that fits in the large one I store powder, concealer, shadow pots, my pencil sharpener and other little bits and bobs that I don't want getting lost in a big basket.

The medium size basket holds my skin care products that I am currently using. Again, these get switched around every so often.

This system has really streamlined my dressing process in the morning because I can easily reach for the products I use everyday. I don't have to dig through drawers or pull out bags or boxes...everything is easily accessible and it makes my life so much easier! These baskets also make my dresser look very clean and organized. 

How do you organize your makeup?


  1. You have inspired me to re-organise my mess! Thanks!

  2. Is that all of the makeup you own? You're going to shriek when you see my stash:

  3. I love it! I use a roll up travel case that can be hung to store all of my makeup. I store that along with all my skin products in a drawer so the hubby doesn't complain that i'm using up all the dresser top space. :)

  4. Love the shadows and blushes in ur palette. I make mine in that color scheme too. I have all my make up in baskets above my toilet. it's a 3 shelf thingy. but good post!

  5. @bhumika Thanks dear!

    @BeautyPassionista Do share if you reorganize!!! =)

    @Chris LOL, no. This is just the stuff I reach for on a daily basis. I have a TON more.

    @Neena That's a good idea!!! I think my hubby actually uses more dresser space because there are always clothes on the dresser. At least they aren't lying around all over the place.

    @adthenshesiled Thank you. Aren't you scared something will fall in the toilet?

  6. I think you've got a good point here: Travel bags need to be made makeup friendly. I came back from California recently and I have to tell you - it was a nightmare when my stuff was all over the place. Tossed and turned in the suitcase and the airlines don't bother....



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