Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's In Giuliana Rancic's Makeup Bag

Hey dolls! Are you a fan of Giuliana (of E! News) and Bill Rancic (the 1st winner of The Apprentic) like I am? I really like their reality show Giuliana and Bill, and think they are such a cute, realistic couple. They also remind me a little of my hubby and I, so I think that's part of why I like watching their interactions. Aside from that, they are such a great inspiration to others, especially since they have been so public about their struggles conceiving a child and Giuliana's recent battle with breast cancer. I admire that their reality show is so positive and doesn't go into anything trashy or negative (like most reality shows do).

Since Giuliana works in entertainment, she often has a makeup artist doing her face for shows and events, but she frequently does her own makeup too. If you are interested in hearing about her favorite products check out the video below:

Tonight is the premiere of their 5th season and I will definitely be watching. Will you?

1 comment:

  1. Her makeup is so fab! I use the similar eye color to put a nose line or cleavage line on my chest. That way, it would look like I had a breast augmentation at the Long Island plastic surgery group.



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