Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

I might be one of the last people in the beauty blogging world to try this out, but I finally did it! I tried out the not-so-new Benefit They're Real Mascara:

I can talk on and on about the claims that Benefit makes, but basically this mascara is supposed to give you such glam lashes that they are supposed to look as good as false lashes. 

Bare Lashes

Lashes with 1 coat of They're Real on top and bottom lashes

So, while this might not look exactly like false lashes, I think this mascara still looks pretty good! My lashes look longer and more voluminous. Benefit They're Real also does a great job of holding the curl in my lashes when I do use a curler, but it also adds a bit of curl on its own. There is no flaking or smudging either. The only thing I didn't get with this mascara is thickening. The mascara wand coats each lash to make it darker and look longer, but it didn't make my lashes thicker. Overall, this is a great formula with a unique want, but I am not sure if it is $22 great. 

Have you tried Benefit They're Real? What are your thoughts?


  1. Good review. Will definitely have a go using your instructions!

  2. I love it too, but I need to use another to add volume. I agree not sure it's worth the $22. I bought a smaller size at Sephora for $10.

  3. I definitely like the way it looks on, but has anyone else noticed that its a TOTAL b---- to take off?!

  4. I actually just bought this a few weeks ago just waiting for it to get shipped here I love the way it looks on you so now I am happy.

  5. With just 1 coat that's impressive.
    Generally to get that you need atleast 2 coats!!
    Came here blog hopping and liked your blog!
    Do drop by my blog sometime.
    And do follow if you like! :)



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