Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Preview!!!

I had the pleasure of attending a preview party for the MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief holiday collection. It was quite a lavish local MAC PRO rented out a small room at a fancy shmancy restaurant and decorated it to the nines! Seriously, I felt like I was in NYC at a fashion industry party. They had hot male models passing around appetizers and a couple female models playing games. Tying into the theme of the collection, there was also a magician doing tricks for us while we waited in line...err....fought through the masses to get through the makeup stands.

Here's a pic of the gift bags and of bottle of bubbles they were giving away:

So, I tried to take pics of everything for you, my dedicated readers, but it was such madness with all the crazy MAC fiends (myself included) trying to get a glimpse of the makeup. I could barely get in there to swatch anything so I don't have many swatches for you. Also, the lighting was at a club dark, that I could not see any of the colors of what I did swatch, so when I got home, I realized the swatches were pretty bad. Nonetheless, poor swatches are better than no swatches.

So I put this on inside and I actually really like it. It is one of the new nail polishes in Lucky Number! It is quite beautiful and a very unique color. However, you can't tell because of the flash. I did purchase this so I will do a better swatch soon.

These were the two palettes that caught my eye. The one on the left is the purples palette in Sorceress and the one on the left is the warm palette in Devil May Dare Warm:

Swatches of the Devil May Dare Warm palette:

Swatches of the Sorceress palette:

I also swatched the 3 dazzleglasses on the bottom left of my hand. The reddish one is Jingle Jangle and the yellowish one above is Phiff!. If you look close enough there is a whitish one (didn't swatch well because I didn't know how much I was putting on since it was so dark in the room) and that one is She-Zam. I think this was the most unique of the 3, thus most worth purchasing. After that point, I had to get out of the mobs. I did my best to take pics of each of the stands so here is what I was able to capture:

This collection definitely had a lot of new sets, with the blush/bronzer sets, the fluidline/brush/mascara sets, and the mineralize/buffer brush sets. The collection launches in store October 14th and I will be going back to check out everything properly and peacefully. I did pick up a couple shadow palettes for gifts, the nail polish, and the Superdupernatural mineralize blush (will swatch and review soon). Overall it is a good collection and should be very pleasing for the holiday makeup fans. So what do you think? Anything catch your eye? What are you most excited about?


  1. Wow. . .there are so many sets this year! I have my eye on the mineralize/buffer brush sets. I can't wait to hear more about it. Thanks for a preview of the products we can look forward to.

  2. Lucky you! I have my eye on the Sorceress & Smokey eye palettes, both mineralize sets, She-zam dazzleglass, pigment sets, and both mineralize blushes. Can't wait to see more swatches and your review of the blush.

  3. New reader here :-) I'm most excited for the mineralize sets, mainly because I've been wanting the 181SE for awhile now. So glad I didn't get the Look in a Box set, just for it!
    Looking forward to seeing what you got. Great blog! Glad I found it!

  4. what a fun event..thanks for the pics :) that's an interesting set of brushes that they put together, don't you think?

  5. @Neena I am so happy they have new types of sets this year. The mineralize one looks amazing! If you click on the picture you can see a bigger view and the pricing too.

    @Christy The sorceress is gorgeous as is the smokey eye palette. I did not pick up the smokey one because I have colors that are very similar. So far I am LOVING the blush and will post a review soon! =)

    @Leilani Welcome to the blog! I am so happy to e-meet you! I think you will really like the mineralize sets...I wanted to get one but it was so crazy that day at the party and I couldn't see anything in the darkness so I decided to wait on those and see them in real light. =)

    @fantastic I want to say those are the standard sets of brushes they usually do for the holidays, no? I actually quite like the brush sets because they are perfect for traveling when I need more space and can deal with brushes getting smushed.

  6. Glad to e-meet you too! I love finding great blogs.
    Quick question: do you know if the mineralize sets come in like a makeup bag or something? If so, do you know what it looks like? Thanks so much!

  7. @Leilani Unfortunately the mineralize sets come in a nice cardboard box. They do not have any bag or anything. If you are looking for a cute bag there are tons of cute options at other places like Ulta and Sephora. Let me know what you end up getting!

  8. OH MY GOD I WANT SO MUCH!! I love the look of this collection!!

  9. @Tali Hehe, the more I look at the pics, the more I want too! The colors in this collection are so wearable and the packing is so compact and perfect for traveling.



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