Thursday, October 1, 2009

Drink your way to beautiful skin!

Have you ladies and gents seen this? The Glowelle beauty drink mix? It is a nutritional supplement that has tons of antioxidants, nutrients, botanicals, and fruit extracts, and is supposed to improve your skin from within. They say you are what you eat, so if you take in things that are good for you, you should have that natural, beautiful glow, right?

Is this too good to be true? I dunno, but I was asked to try out their 7 day starter kit:

They come in two flavors: Pomegranate Lychee and Raspberry Jasmine. I tried the Pomegranate Lychee one. The starter kit contains 7 packets, enough for 1 week. You mix one packet into a bottle of water and are supposed to finish one a day. The starter pack even comes with a little pouch to store your packages:

So, I have only had a few, which is not long enough to see an actual effect. But, I do have faith in this. As far as the flavor, I don't think I am the best to judge and comment on it. See, I am a water fiend. I love water more than any soda in the world. I don't like Snapple, I don't like most soda's (with the exception of Dr. Pepper...mmmm) , I don't like Sobe, I'm not even fond of Gatorade. Call me cray-zee but I just don't like those flavored drinks. Soooo, this drink probably tastes good, but I just am not very fond of it. I mean, its drinkable, which is more than I can say about drinks like Sobe, but I still prefer water to this.

Have you heard about this or tried it? Have you tried anything like it?


  1. i haven't heard of this--but it reminds me a bit of the Borba drinks? I hardly see Borba around anymore--now usually at the Asian grocery..

    looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

  2. @fantastic I am not sure that I can get a feel in just 7 days but I will let you know what I think regardless. I have never heard of Borba....did you try it out?

  3. Is it just me or does the thought of drinking something called "pomegranate lychee" or "raspberry jasmine" sound really disgusting? I have a healthy amount of skepticism that it helps you "glow" just by drinking it. It's like those diet smoothies advertised on television. It sounds just a teeny bit bogus (not that I need help losing weight but quite the opposite).

    I don't like flavored drinks generally either. I admit I'm a Coca-Cola addict but I also tend to be an organic 100% grape juice (none of the 'grape juice from concentrate' crap), plain ol' water, Cheery Kool-Aid slushie, homemade cherry or grape smoothie (yummy), milk person. As long as it isn't Dasani or Aquifina, I will drink just about any bottled water you throw at me. The minute you flavor my water though, I hate it. It's not even considered water when you add flavor! It's considered a "non-carbonated flavored beverage" or something to the effect.

    The pouch is cute but I think I'd rather drink coffee or tea (I hate both with a passion) than try drinking "Pomegranate Lychee" for a week, especially since I brought home a jar of Heaven in a Jar. Nutella and that just doesn't sound like it would mix very well!

  4. @Kate I am ALL about the Nutella too! As for the drink, I normally like Pomegranate and I like Lychee, so it sounds like a good combo, but since I don't like flavored drinks, it was not so appealing to me.

  5. this looks so interesting ! I haven't seen anything like this - but I am so with you on the getting healthy inside and out !!



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