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Review of The Sweet 15 Kit by our Giveaway Winner!

Kajal Couture's lovely reader Kate was the lucky winner of the Jane Iredale Sweet 15 Kit from the giveaway last month. After having a chance to test out all the products in the kit, she was kind enough to provide all of you with an in-depth review of each of the products. Again, this is a pic of the kit:

Dear Kajal Couture Readers,

The Jane Iredale Sweet 15 Palette is a limited edition palette to commerate Jane Iredale Cosmetics 15th birthday. The palette contains 15 gorgeous eyeshadow, two blushers, a bronzer, three lip plumpers and a booklet with four eyelooks enclosed in a beautiful gold snakeskin print book.

Overall, the palette is amazing and I see myself using it a lot. Apart from a one shadow, all of the eyeshadows apply highly pigmented and velvety. The blushes are also highly pigmented. I had a few problems with the lip plumpers that will be discussed when I get to the plumpers. First up are the eyeshadows.

As mentioned earlier, there are fifteen eyeshadows: oyster, peach sorbet, glimmer gold, copper brown, topaz sparkle, taupe, aquamarine, dark suede, petal shimmer, pink cloud, sparkle dust, bubbly, silver, supernova, and charcoal. Application is a breeze and feel like velvet. All--except for two--apply highly pigmented.

If you're used to drugstore eyeshadows like I am, you may need to practice using a light hand before using these. L'Oreal HiP shadows are great to practice with as they're much cheaper and 95% of them apply highly pigmented. There are a few problem children in the HiP line, so if you need suggestions, don't be afraid to ask here in Kajal's blog or my own.

Oyster-shimmery very pale creamy yellow. It looks matte and chalky in the pan yet shimmers the slightest bit on the eye. A beautiful neutral.

Peach Sorbet-a light peach color. A good neutral but very dupable. Revlon Matte in Peach Sorbet is an exact dupe of the color and has the same texture of Iredale's Peach Sorbet.

Glimmer Gold-vintage gold. This color shines! A very pretty color and looks phenomenal on my brown eyes. I foresee myself wearing this color a lot come autumn.

Copper Brown-Bronzey-brown with gold flecks. I love this color as well! Paired with Glimmer Gold, the two would make a fierce autumn-themed smokey eye. I wear this kind of smokey eye a lot as it really brings out the grey areas in my brown eyes resulting in a really moody brown eye. This pairing would look stunning on blue eyes as well.

Topaz Sparkle-Copper with teeny tiny silver and gold flecks. Another color I love using for smokey eyes. Can you tell I'm a die-hard fan of the smokey eye?

Taupe-Exactly the color of taupe and it's a matte as well. Applies just a teensy bit sheer. Somehow I don't see myself wearing Taupe much. A great base color for those who are a bit more pigmented than my vampiric pale cool-toned skin or those with blue eyes, I think.

Aquamarine-The showstopper of the palette. Teal with blue green flecks. It reminds me of marmaid's tails and peacock feathers. I have a har-core love affair with her. I don't think I have anything close to her.

Dark Suede-Matte medium suede brown. Reminds me of horse saddles and the color of hiking/camping journals. I love this color as well but probably is more suited for the green-eyed and blue-eyed gals out there.

Petal Shimmer-A hard color to describe. The best way I can describe it is a pearlized white-pink or the color of Tinkerbell's wings. I'm sure it would be a pain to photograph accurately. Reminds me a bit of pixie dust too.

Pink Cloud-Shimmery bubble gum pink.

Sparkle Dust-Mauvey-brown with a multicolor flash. Does not remind me a bit of sparkle dust. My mind sees the name with more of a clear color with a multicolor flash.

Bubbly-Another color that does not remind me of bubbles at all. Milk chocolate brown with bright pink flash.

Silver-Another color like Bubbly and Sparkle Dust. White with pale pink flash. I'm wearing this today along with Sparkle Dust and Charcoal as a (you guessed it) smokey eye.

Supernova-Brand-new-penny copper with a gold flash. A very interesting color. I'm not sure how I want to use it yet.

Charcoal-The problem child of the palette. She looks black in the pan but applies a sheer light charcoal grey. She takes a two or three light coats to be opaque. Charcoals tend to be problem children in my experience with eyeshadow.


Blushes apply pretty pigmented as well so use a very light hand!

Cotton Candy-Cotton candy pink with silver shimmer. I love this color as it really brings out my pale complexion.

Whisper-Coral with gold shimmer. Definitely not the blush color for me. It makes me look horribly ill as most warm-toned corals do for me.

Bronzer--Matte taupe. I actually am one of the few who don't use bronzer by choice. Bronzers have a tendency to leave me looking gaunt as I have high cheekbones and a wide jaw and this is no exception.

Lip Plumpers:

I had really high expectations in terms of pigment for the lip plumpers. I don't know if this is an Iredale thing but they applied super sheer. I don't think they'd show up at all on darker skin. Also be warned they have a strong gingerbread scent. It disappears when on the lip but my sensitive allergies had a hey-day. If you don't have sensitivity to fragrance like I do, these are okay. Be warned that they don't plump lips up any and work more like a very sheer tinted lip balm. The plumpers take a good scrubbing to wash them off so be ready for a little elbow grease when taking these off! The only good thing about them, in my opinion, is that they don't have any taste.

Milan-Super sheer, shimmery rose pink.

L.A.-Super sheer, shimmery mauve.

Tokyo-Super sheer, shimmery coral.

Jane Iredale is a mineral cosmetic line so they are highly recommended for those with sensitive or hyper-sensitive skin like myself. I've had no reactions to them when testing them on my arm and when wearing them. I don't wear eye primer and the shadows haven't budged, creased or faded in the five hours I've been wearing them. They're still as vivid as they were when I applied them.

I hope this review is helpful and if you have any questions, fell free to comment on this post or on my blog (address at the end of my teensy weensy bio). I may or may not have the post up when you comment but feel free to comment on any of the posts as I'll still see it!

Kate is the human counterpart of the duo Kate & Zena. She is also known as Ellenora on the OnSugar network. A proud Decker Rat Terrier owner, she spends most of her time in college, doing homework or spending time with her dog, Zena. Her blog, "Confessions of a Dogaholic," is a new blog and is dedicated to just about anything along with hilarious true tales of Zena. You can find her blog at


  1. Congratulations on the win Kate! Thanks for a very in depth and helpful review.

  2. @Neena--Thank you. It was nice to come home to a package that didn't contain a textbook!

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