Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back from India and a cure for sweat

So I had all these great intentions of perusing the makeup counters in India, testing out some new foreign products, and reporting to you on my amazing finds. Regretfully, I had zero time to even go to the cosmetic counters there. I was so caught up in shopping for clothes and in spending time with family, that I never made it out to the makeup counters. In fact, the most cosmetic shopping I did was at the duty free shops in all the airports I was in. Come to think of it, that too was mostly window shopping since I only purchased two things from all the duty free shops and one of them was chocolate. I am a chocoholic, and after my trip to London a few years ago, I took up an affinity to foreign chocolates and do not like American chocolate anymore. My most favorite is foreign Cadbury chocolates. I don't know if it is the milk or the way they make it, but chocolate from London, Australia, anywhere in Asia tastes a GAZILLION times better than the Cadbury chocolate in the US! Seriously, take my word for it. If you find any Indian grocery shops in the US, wander in and see if they have a bar of Cadbury chocolate. Any variety will do. Try it and let me know what you think. For me it's heaven in a metal wrapper....ahhh I can taste it now. My favorite type is the chocolate bar Flake. Its just like the name, flakey and oh so sinfully tasty!!

Ok back to cosmetics. So.........since I did not get to try out any of the products in India, I am going to write a few posts on products I purchased in the US right before my trip and was able to try out while I was there. I know I have been neglecting y'all since I was on vaca, so I am going to report on one of the items right now:

These are the DERMAdoctor MED e TATE injection-free medicated hyperhidrosis control wipes.
This product is used as a treatment for excessive sweating and wetness, called Hyperhidrosis. It is a medical condition described as excessive sweating despite being inactive. This condition causes people to sweat uncontrollably and results in embarrassing sweatiness, including underarm perspiration and sweaty palms. Normally, this condition requires special injections, but DERMAdoctor created these pre-moistened wipes that allow for injection-free control of excessive sweating.Now for the record, I do not suffer from hyperhidrosis (not that anything is wrong with that as it is a medical condition), but I was asked to try out this product, so I had to find a situation where I typically sweat a lot. I decided that my trip to India was a good time because right now the weather is super hot and humid, which causes for more than my usual amount of sweat. (I think this post is a bit TMI, but hey, that gives for honest blogging, right?)

These wipes come individually wrapped as shown below:

To try these out I simply tore open a packet and wiped the towelette under my arms a few times and that is it. I used these a few times throughout my trip and they really work!!! I used them on some active days where I knew I would be running around and going outside in the insane humidity. At the end of each day, I noticed that my underarms were completely dry and I felt fresh.

This product worked well for me so I imagine it really does work for those suffering from excessive sweating. If you or anyone you know has hyperhidrosis, try these out. They are available through
DERMAdoctor online.


  1. Yum. . .I love foreign chocolates too! My favorites are Flake, the Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, and Milky Bar.

  2. Welcome back! I hope you had a fabulous time in India!

    In terms of sweat, I swear by my Degree for Women. That stuff works overtime, I swear.

    My favorite chocolate has got to be the chocolately hazalnutty perfection Heaven in a Jar Nutella. I've been eating Nutella since I could chew peanut butter. I spent many years without Nutella when I moved out of Germany and my mom couldn't find a jar of the stuff until I was 8. It's a delicacy for me even though America is becoming obsessed with it.

  3. @Neena I am so with ya....we need to do a chocolate session sometime soon! =)

    @Kate Thanks!! My trip was indeed wonderful and it sucks to be back. Then again, coming back from a vacation is always depressing. I am so on the Nutella bandwagon! I discovered it over 15 years ago in a middle eastern store and it has been on my love list ever since. It's cool you are from Germany! Do you ever go back to visit? I hope to make it there one day!

  4. No, I haven't gone back to Germany. My family moved from Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany (home of BMW and the region is the home of Neuschwanstein) to Arizona when I was two and a half years old because my dad was in the US Army. I don't remember a thing! I'd love to go back if I ever had the money to.

  5. @Kate Aw, well at least you can say you lived there! =)



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