Sunday, September 20, 2009

MAC Style Black Swatches

Hey y'all! So I was perusing through the mall and Nordstrom happened to have the Style Black collection on display as testers, and they were doing pre-sale orders. Of course I had to swatch several of the products and share what will probably be my addiction for the coming months.

I must say, I have not been this excited about a collection in a long time. Even before swatching I was excited because I had been trying to get my hands on the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator during the last release and all my local stores had sold out in a day. Some of the stores did not even have any to sell last year because the employees snagged 'em all up! That made me want to get it even more! So when I heard MAC was re-releasing this AND adding the additional Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask, I was bursting with joy!

Before I get to the swatches my disclaimer is that I am in no way a professional photographer and have not figured out how to get makeup photos on my little digi cam to actually portray what the makeup looks like in person. That is probably why I don't post a lot of swatches or photos of my own makeup....cuz the pics don't really show the true colors.

So now to the important stuff....the swatches:

Left side top to bottom:
Shadows: Cinderfella, Blue Flame, Young Punk, Gilt by Association, Young Punk on top of the Black Grease Paintstick

Right side top to bottom: Blackwear Glimmerglass, Blackfire Glimmerglass (both glimmerglasses were starting to run so they did not swatch very well...sorry bout that!), and on the bottom is the Black Grease Paintstick on its own

Here is another pic with the flash, but its quite blurry. However, you still get an idea of how shimmery the shadows are:

I had not planned on getting any of the shadows because I am not a fan of the mineralize shadows, but ladies, these bad boys are GORGEOUS! If you are daring and love experimenting with color, or just looking to recreate the fall looks, get your hands on one of these eyeshadows. All of the colors look great on their own, but even better when applied on top of the grease stick, but my swatch does not show that since my photography skills are quite amateur. Trust me the shadows on top of the grease stick look amazing....test it out yourself if you are going to check out the collection in person.

My favorite colors are Young Punk and Gilt By Association. Cinderfella is similar to Black Tied from the permanent shadow line so I was not especially wowed by that one. The Grease Paintstick is basically a glorified shadestick. It goes on a little creamier and glossier but looks and feels like a shadestick. Layered beneath the shadows, the sparkle and intensity of the shadow is crazy intensified!!! The grease stick is way more opaque and black than the Blackground paint pot, so if you like the deep, intense color, try the shadows with the Grease Paintstick.

Here are the nail colors Seriously Hip on my forefinger, and Baby Goth Girl on my thumb. These are both black with shimmery pearl and fine glitter. Both are beautiful since they have an edge over the common plain black polish:

I know for a fact this collection will sellout quickly, especially the skin care products, so if you are lusting over something like I am, go to the stores early when the collection is launched this Thursday September 24th. If you do get something, let me know what it is!


  1. that paint stick looks so nice! i'm with you on the exfoliator--that's number one on the list!

  2. Hi,

    I am so glad you are back. Could you please do a breakup of Kareena's look in the following pic

    I will look forward to it.


  3. I am so looking forward to the Volcanic Ash Exfoliater! Gotta act quick cause I would be really disappointed if I missed out on it like last time. =)

  4. ooo I want the painstick thing and the purply/black glitter shaddow. It looks gorgeous!! xox

  5. @ fantastic - Yup those were my top two items too! I actually ordered already...hehe...I wanted to make sure I got my hands on the exfoliator!!

    @Madhu I will be happy to do her makeup breakdown. Do you have another pic? That one is a bit hard to see her full face. If so, can you please email it to me?

    @Neena I am so with you on that one...that's why I alredy ordered online. =)

    @Tali Yes I have a feeling the paintstick is going to be multi functional. The purply/black shadow was my favorite of the bunch too!

  6. Sorry..but this is the only one I have...I would really like to know how to get that lip color

  7. Hi there! Thanks for the swatches, they are quite good for an amateur! I hope the entire release gets to Argentina, I really want the Exfoliator. Last year we didn't get it here either, bummer...

  8. I'm with my sister, and we saw this blog, and we loved the black colours, those swatches are so useful for us, We will buy MAC products! They look really cool!



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