Monday, December 21, 2009


So I am sure many of you have seen a lot of beauty websites advertise their Disclaimers. I too have created one, and will refer to it from now on in all posts that contain a product review. Here it is:


All thoughts, opinions, and reviews expressed in this blog are my own and based entirely on my own personal feelings and experiences. Occasionally, PR firms will send me products to review, but I do not in any shape or form get paid to review the products, so rest assured that I will always provide my honest opinion in any review, regardless of whether I purchase a product or if it was provided to me. My priority is to provide you with an honest account of my experiences and feelings about a product. In addition, if products were provided to me for review purposes, it will be mentioned in the blog post. Otherwise, all other products are purchased with my own money.

Any links embedded in my blog posts are not affiliate links, they are simply a reference to where you can obtain more information. I do not get paid if you click on the links or purchase any products. This blog is a passion of mine and I do not blog to make money. I do it because I love beauty products and I love meeting other wonderful people interested in!!!

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