Monday, August 9, 2010

New City, Hopefully New Makeup

So it's official....I live on the East Coast of America.....ahhh, still feels so crazy to say I live here! The hubby and I are temporarily staying with his dad in New Jersey until we can find a place to stay. We are going to be staying in Philadelphia, but since we aren't too familiar with the neighborhoods, we have to do some research before commiting to our new home. If any of you are familiar with Philly....any suggestions would be helpful!!

View of Philadelphia at Night

I just want to say how crazy it is to move to a completely new city and not know anyone there. We have some family members in New Jersey, but we don't know anyone in Philly, so it really is an adventure moving to a city where you don't know anyone or anything. I truly feel this is going to be such a great growing experience living in a new city, making new friends, learning to live in the cold (this is going to be especially hard for me...I carry a light sweater even on the hottest days of summer!), and learning to deal with a new environment. Since the hubby and I just got married, I feel like this really is a year of change for me, and the adventures just keep on coming!

With moving to a new city with completely different weather than what I had in California, I am going to have to change my beauty routine. New factors for me: humidity in the summer, crisp coolness in the fall, and a real winter with real rain and snow. I am used to the California winter where we wear heavy coats and scarves in 60 degree Fahrenheit weather. I am glad you all are with me on this ride and hopefully give me a tip or two on how to survive real winter weather. =)

I have several products I want to tell you all about so stay tuned for my beauty posts and to hear about life in my new city!


  1. where did u live before. i live in nj too! just hate the winter time tho lol

  2. @KayKay I used to live near Los Angeles before. I am in South Jersey right now and it is nothing like LA, so I'm hoping Philly will be more my style.

  3. Sej, congrats on the move!! I learned the hard way with adjusting to east coast winters, so here's my winter clothing advice gathered over six years of living there. Get a GOOD thick windproof jacket and wear a cute fleece inside if you need to add extra layers. Always wear gloves and a scarf (get an East Coaster to show you how to properly tie a scarf... it's not a matter of just flinging it over your shoulder! ;). Cashmere is beautiful on its own but it actually is a great material for keeping warm too. My newest discovery from surviving European winters is leg warmers (in addition to any sheer tights/stockings!). While they may look awful, no one can see them under your jeans/slacks! Good luck and have fun settling in!
    xx, Cristina

  4. Congrats and good luck on your new adventures!



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