Saturday, May 7, 2011

Battle of the Eye Primers

In my constant quest for finding new and effective products, I decided to put 4 popular eye primers to the test: MAC's Painterly Paint Pot vs. Smashbox's Photo Finish Lid Primer vs. Kat Von D's High Voltage Eye Primer vs. Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I didn't have the Nars primer when I did this experiment, so I might have to repeat it with that. In any case, check out what happened when I applied Urban Decay's Flipside Eyeshadow over each of these 4 eye primers on my arm:

Immediately after application:
L-R: Flipside shadow on its own, MAC Paint Pot, Smashbox Photofinish, Kat Von D High Voltage, and Urban Decay Primer Potion

As you can see, on its own the shadow was very faint and hard to detect. The shadow was the darkest when applied on the MAC Paint Pot and the Urban Decay Primer Potion. During the following 3 hours I really put these primers to the test by rubbing my arm and wearing long sleeves for 30 minutes. Normally, nothing rubs up against our eyelids when we wear makeup, but the blinking motion definitely creates friction. 

3 Hours after application
L-R: Flipside shadow on its own, MAC Paint Pot, Smashbox Photofinish, Kat Von D High Voltage, and Urban Decay Primer Potion

To my surprise, after 3 hours, just about all products had faded away significantly. The Smashbox primer  failed miserably. The MAC Paint Pot worked well at holding on to the product, and the Kat Von D High Voltage worked well at ensuring the color remained bright. I had wanted to test out the ever-popular Too Faced Shadow Insurance but I just didn't have any with me at the time, and it doesn't work too well on me so it's not a product I would repurchase. All in all, this little game reinforced my affinity to MAC's Paint Pots. 

What is your favorite eye primer? 


  1. When I have time or need it for a special event, I use the original UDPP. What people don't get is that you only need a tiny bit. Most people use what they get on the wand. You don't need that. That's where you get creasing and fading.

    Seriously, you only need enough where it feels like you have that left over bandage feeling and going up to the socket (for me at least; my brow bone doesn't fade), which is only approx. 1/4th of the wand on my eyes. The secret is letting the stuff warm up on your finger. I usually depot the primer so I can control the amount I use. It does feel like your tugging on your eyes, but you're not, you're still blending the stuff! Strange feeling, but seriously no fading, creasing and crap 10 hours later!

  2. My favorite primer right now is the Nars one. I like how it makes my eyeshadow last all day.

  3. I'm using TFSI atm and cannot wait to be done with it, it will crease after a few hours wear, unlike UDPP!!!
    Surprised by the paint pot actually!!! All the more excited that I'm waiting for it to come through the mail via a MUA swap! :)))




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