Monday, May 2, 2011

Makeup Tip Monday: Dealing With Watery Eyes

Do your eyes ever start to water when lining your waterline or applying mascara? Here's a quick and easy way to clean up those tears before they start to run down your face and ruin the rest of your makeup:

Use a Q-tip (ear bud) and press the tip gently on your tear duct. The cotton on the Q-tip will absorb the tears and you won't get any makeup streaks on your face, unlike Lauren Conrad from The Hills. 

Are you ladies enjoying these Makeup Tip Mondays? Should I keep doing them?


  1. I love this tip!

    Please don't stop makeup tip monday :)

  2. @K Thanks dear! Glad to know these tips are helpful!!!

  3. Love the tips - keep them coming! This is a tip that I practice as my eyes are very sensitive.



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