Monday, August 1, 2011

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé Review

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé's are one of the brand's more popular color products and I wanted to find out if the gloss is worth the $22 price tag. 

I tried out the shade Baby Doll, which is a sheer, light pink with a subtle sparkle.

The texture is nice and non-sticky, and I did get about 4 hours of wear from this gloss, but the whole time I was cringing at the smell and taste. The Lip Glacé has a VERY strong vanilla scent. If you think MAC glosses smell vanilla-y, that is nothing compared to the Lip Glacé. And don't get me started on the taste....a strong mixture of vanilla and sugar reminiscent of 5-year old play makeup. 

Baby Doll straight from tube and blended out

This shade does not have much pigment, and when worn on the lips it just adds a bit of a light pink sheen. I like it because it is very natural and fool-proof....the kind of gloss you can apply without a mirror.

I would like these glosses if they had less vanilla fragrance and taste. Value-wise these are a pretty good deal for non-sticky gloss that still has some color. One gloss has 0.159 oz./4.5g worth of product and costs $22. Comparatively, MAC's version of a non-sticky gloss is the Cremesheen Glass and you only get 0.09 oz/2.7 g worth of product and costs $18.50. If you like non-sticky flavored glosses then I highly recommend trying one of Laura Mercier Lip Glacé's. If not, then steer clear!


  1. It looks really nice on you maybe cause you have such nice non-pigmented lips! :) Stronger than MAC's vanilla!! OMG it must be too much!!! :S

  2. I have been looking for a new lip gloss for my pro kit. Maybe I will check this out. Thanks for the review!

  3. Thanks for the review and the swatches hun!This one looks so pretty!!Gorgeous pink!!


  4. @Ik Thanks! My lips are not super dark so I can get away with lighter shades.

    @Chris If you do try it just check out the smell taste...some clients might not like that. =)

    @Blushingloves You are welcome dear!



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