Sunday, August 14, 2011

Taming My Hair....Karmin G3 Hair Straightener Review

If you have thick, long, frizzy, wavy or curly hair (or you just like smooth, straight hair), then you know that a hair straightener is as crucial a necessity as underwear. If I were to walk out in the streets without first straightening my hair I might as well be walking around commando. 

That being said, the straightener that I have been using for the past 6 months or so is the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Flat Iron

Prior to using this I was using my Sedu Pro Flat Iron. 

Top: Sedu, Bottom: Karmin G3

Pros about the Karmin G3:
- Longer plates
- 1 inch plates allow you to get closer to the root of the hair
- Can be used to curl the hair

Pros about the Sedu:
- 1.5 inch plates allow contact with the hair for longer time
- Better construction...the plates are super smooth and don't snag the hair (the Karmin occasionally snags hair)

Both irons have ceramic plates with ionic tourmaline technology and both have adjustable heat settings. Both irons leave my hair super straight and results are very similar. With either iron my hair remains straight for at least 3 days before a wave starts to become visible. Overall, I really like both irons and use them equally without any issue. I do like that the Sedu doesn't snag my hair at all, but I like that the Karmin has longer plates so I can straighten larger sections of hair than I can with the Sedu. My ideal hair straightener would be a combination of the two. If you like to curl your hair, the Karmin works well to curl the ends, but is a bit difficult to curl all the hair. I think the Sedu Revolution Iron (different than what I have pictured above) works the best at curling hair. But honestly, if you are going to curl your hair just use a curling iron.

Hair straightened with Karmin

 Hair straightened with Karmin

The Karmin is definitely one of the best flat irons I have ever used. However, I don't think is is significantly better than other professional flat irons like the Sedu. My Sedu iron was purchased from, and they have GREAT customer service. I had even ordered one for my mom and when I got it in the mail, it wasn't working well and they shipped a new one to me without hassling me at all. I also like that they have great offers on a regular basis. The Karmin G3 was provided to me by PR, so I have not dealt with their customer service. 

Do you use a hair straightener? Which one?


  1. If I were to walk out in the streets without first straightening my hair I might as well be walking around commando. LOL
    Not regularly.. My hair is pretty straight. I try so hard to create waves and curls but it wont happen!:P

  2. I wound up getting a straightening iron in a swap, but I have never really used it. My hair is such a bother for me, I have no patience, so I just wash it and let it air dry. Then I end up with loose curls, and they look nice so I'm like "Eh, I don't have to flat iron". I am not high maintenance when it comes to my hair.

  3. LOL @ the intro. I don't actually use hair straighteners because I find the damage is too much. I just blowdry my hair wavy. You have such long hair how long does it take you to finish it every morning? You have beautiful hair.

  4. @lk You are lucky you have naturally straight hair!

    @Chris ironing can be so time consuming! Unfortunately I just have to live with it. =/

    @shivani Thanks so much! There is a lot of damage with heat tools but I guess I just have to accept that. =)

  5. I have one, but I don't use it a lot (just like my curling iron and my blow dryer!) I have straight hair naturally, but it has a tiny wave at the very bottom; that wave doesn't mean it plays nice when it comes to doesn't. It refuses to curl unless it's a hot flat iron.

    My hair is really delicate so damaging it is really easy so flat ironing it every day is a bad idea. Also, I have really weak wrists and flat ironing makes them hurt! Most of the time, I just brush my fine, delicate super oily straight hair and either leave it down or do a hair idea I watched on YouTube. I have an plethora of updos and half dos for that reason. It's far less damaging than a flat iron! If I iron, I must be really bored, it's a special occasion or I'm having a bad hair day!

  6. I love my Sedu!I used to have a CHI but I prefer the Sedu, especially since it doesn't snag your hair.

  7. @Katie Thanks for sharing!

    @Neena That is def a plus about the Sedu!

  8. I bought the Karmin G3 and it works amazingly, my hair is soft, shiny and really straight, I love it !! :)

  9. nice review, i have been planning to get a GHD but it's so hard to get one here in india!

  10. I like the Karmin G3, I mean come on...460°F!!! It's just awesome on my crazy hair but I don't know why you say it snags, mine didn't snag at all. Best flat iron ever :P



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