Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream Review

A lot of beauty bloggers have raved about Mario Badescu's acne control skin care, and I have always been intrigued with the brand because it seems effective yet affordable. I recently had my first encounter when trying out a sample of the Seaweed Night Cream. 

This is touted to be a non-greasy, oil-free moisturizer that provides heavy duty moisture with ingredients like seaweed, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. It says it is for skin types C (combination), O (oily), and S (sensitive). However, I felt this moisturizer was in fact a bit greasy and would be best suited for dry skin. In fact, I really liked how well this moisturized my super dry winter skin. 

Don't let the green color deter you. This stuff is pretty good...if you have dry skin. A few days ago I had some dry patches on my skin and I used this all over my face and within 2 days the dry patches were completely healed! That being said, this creamy is VERY thick and it is a bit greasy so it takes time to absorb in to the skin. This is not for everyone but I think it would work well for those with super dry skin, especially in the cold winter months. 

Have you tried anything from Mario Badescu? 


  1. What are the ingredients like? I've been sort of leaning toward natural skin care nowadays.

  2. I haven't tried anything but I would love to! I keep reading about how good seaweed is for your skin.

  3. I have tried their Acne drying lotion and found that it worked well for the type of pimples I had. The only downside is they have like 3 different kinds so if you get all 3 you would need all 3 to keep the Acne under control.

  4. @Chris The ingredients are listed here: Overall they are not bad but you should check to see if you are allergic to something.

    @MoniqueS I hope to do try this! Let me know what you think if you do!

    @Neena That sucks to have to use 3 different products! I guess the good thing is the line is not too expensive and at least the products are effective.



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