Thursday, July 9, 2009

Easy Smoky Eye for Going Out!

This is a super simply smoky eye look that I did the other day. I was intending to just wear some black liner on my top lid, but I was rushing and drew the line thicker than I wanted, so I fixed it by adding some shadow and calling it a smoky eye. =) (I know the left eye is darker than the right but that is a shadow, I did actually apply color to both eyes equally).

Here is what I did (all by MAC):

Eyes: I drew thick line on the top eyelid with a black smudgy pencil. I used an Elizabeth Arden black kohl that I had lying around. This line does not have to be precise since you are going to go over it with shadow. Next I took a charcoal shadow and applied it over the pencil with the 239. I used Stately Black from the Hello Kitty Too Dolly palette, but Knight Divine would work well. I dabbed the shadow over the liner, then took what was remaining on the brush and applied it to the lid, working close to the lash line then outwards so it fades out. Since I had the Too Dolly palette out, I used the color Yogurt from the palette to highlight the brow bone. I used the same pencil and lined my waterline. I curled my lashes and applied black mascara.

Face: I applied my Select SPF foundation then used the trick I mentioned in a recent post, by applying the Blush of Youth Beauty Powder lightly all over my face with the 109 brush. I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 109, but more on that later. I then buffed on my Mineralize Skinfinish Natural all over my face. For blush, I took the same Blush of Youth Beauty Powder and applied in a little stronger over my cheekbones, and finished off my face with by highlighting the cheek with Light Flush Mineralize Skinfinish. I went for subtle cheeks because I wanted to try out the Beauty Powder and see how it looks on the face and also as a blush. I also did not want a heavy face since my eyes were dark.

Lips: I used Underage lipglass, which is a nude opaque gloss. I just didn't feel like layering on lipstick so this gloss did the trick.

The photo above doesn't do justice to the look because I don't have a good camera, but at least you get the idea. What do you think?


  1. look STUNNING!! Are those your real eyes? Great look natural..perfect for summer. I missed that beauty powder..but it gives a good glow. Also underage looks like the perfect nude l/g..will have to check that out. What Mac Select color are you btw?..I'm NC35

    I like these makeup tutorials..please do more!!

    p.s. Is the 109 really a must buy? I have the 187 which I use for foundation but hear people raving bout the 109..what your opinion?

  2. You look great! Your skin looks really nice, it's glowing! I'll have to try using a MSF before the powder/Natural MSF.

  3. Aw thanks ladies! My goal is to do more tutorials/looks like this, I just need to be better about taking pictures of them. =)

    So far I really like the 109! I really love the 187 and consider that a multi functional brush, but the 109 is just as great, but in different ways. It is super dense and very soft, and the small size allows you to apply powder in small crevices, like under the eye and around the nose. The denseness lets you focus blush color just where you want it. I will be sure to do an in depth review of it within the next week, but to keep this short, I do think it is a great brush to have.

  4. Oh, and in the select, I am an NW25, but in other formulas I am an NC30.

  5. hello...i have pretty and good skin. nevertheless when it comes to applying kajal...i always get hassled because it smudges completely. don't know if its because of my high cheekbones or deep-set eyes. is there a good kajal under the sun which is dark and doesn't smudge. plz help.



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