Friday, July 10, 2009

MAC Colour Craft Thoughts

So I checked out the new MAC Colour Craft Collection, and I was less than impressed. I am not a big fan of mineralize shadows since they don't come out very pigmented on me, and tend to fade quickly. Most colors can be duped by regular shadows so why not stick to what works! The new mineralize blushes had too much glitter for my taste, and I don't think cheeks are the spot for glitter. The MSFs were beautiful, but once you have one in a pinkish shade and one in a brownish shade, does having more really make too much difference? Ok, so the answer to that is yes, but in all seriousness I did not think anything was a must have. I did pick up the 226 brush and will write a review on that once I use it a few times and get a good feel for it. If there were 3 products that stand out from this collection they would be:

1. 226 brush
2. MSF in Warm Blend
3. MSF in Smooth Merge

Both of those MSFs are the triple shades in one palette. Each shade is beautiful individually and gorgeous when combined. One thing I really like about these new MSFs is they are more velvety and smooth, not glittery like many of the previously released MSFs. If you don't have any yet, check these out!

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