Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bobbi Brown Sale and Favorites

I have been a bit discombobulated the past few days. I have been super busy and the days are all running together. Thus, you can imagine why I forgot to tell you that the Bobbi Brown website is currently having their Friends and Family 20% discount. In fact, today is the last day, so hopefully if you wanted something you are reading this in time!

There is no code necessary to get the 20% off discount. 
If your order is $65 PRE-discount, you qualify for free shipping and can use one of the following codes to get a freebie: 

Free full-size Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Mahogany Ink with code GEL44
Free full-size Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Cobalt Ink with code BEST55
 Free full-size Naked Rich Color Lip Gloss with code RICH44
 Free full-size Soft Peach Eyeshadow with code PEACH44

In the spirit of the sale, here are a few of my personal Bobbi Brown favorites:

1. Eyeshadow Brush

I like this brush because it is fluffy, and lays down a lot of color. I use this primarily to pack on my eye lid color either when using pressed shadows or pigments. Bobbi Brown brushes are made really well, and I have used this particular one a gazillion times and wash after wash, it is still perfect. Here is is compared to the infamous MAC 239 brush, which I rarely use now:

You can see here how the Bobbi Brown brush picks up more color so it is easier and faster to pack on color using this brush as opposed to the MAC 239:

2. Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Chocolate Shimmer Ink

The Bobbi Brown gel liners are soft in texture and a dream to apply. Although it says this shade is a "shimmer ink," when applied to the skin there really isn't much shimmer to it. All the shades are beautiful and wearable, but most importantly, they are extremely long lasting, won't smudge or budge, and can even be used as shadow bases or smudged to create a smoky eye. 

3. Creamy Concealer

Everyone talks about how great the concealer kits are (the ones with concealer and powder), but the individual pots are better suited for my needs. The concealer itself is very blendable, creamy (just like the name says), and last all day without creasing. I like this formula because it can be sheered out or applied opaquely so it works well to cover up both dark circles under the eye and discoloration or scars on the skin.

Left Swatch: Chocolate Shimmer Ink Gel Liner smudged with a finger, applied with a liner brush
Right Swatch: Creamy Color applied heavily 

I have been wanting the Nectar Shimmer Block for a looooong time now, so maybe this summer I might pick that up. What are your Bobbi Brown favorites?


  1. I LOVE the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Caviar Ink..Beautiful warm blackish-brown :)

  2. I have never tried anything from Bobbi Brown and was very tempted by the sale... Unfortunately, my make-up budget is a bit limited this month :( x

  3. @Appu I will have to try that color! I've swatched it but never purchased it!

    @Rocaille Kudos for sticking to your budget!!

  4. I was very impressed with the SKII Facial Treatment Essence (, enough so that I have continued to use the product daily as part of my skin care routine after the test period. It's a luxury purchase to be sure, but this is one of the best products that can really make a significant difference in your skin, and so worth every penny.

    I applied the treatment each morning and evening after cleansing my skin and before moisturizer/primer and then makeup. Within just a few days I could see that my skin was much more supple and smooth - particularly in the t-zone. After about two weeks, I loved the beautiful glow my skin had - even without makeup.

  5. I haven't tried anything from Bobbi yet but I have really been wanting to try the eyeliner.

  6. I have the nectar shimmer brick - it is so worth it - it's beautiful and so good on asian skin!!! Other than that I have a lip quad and the tinted moisturiser which i love to bits! (I got it thanks to your review actually!)

  7. I love the bobbie brown gel liner in chocolate shimmer ink.. It's so natural lookin and ure right it's not shimmery at all..

    I love what the BB corrector/concealer does but it creases like a biatch! Even when I set it with powder.. Not cool Bobbi Brown.. Not cool



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