Friday, April 22, 2011

Island Paradise in a Bottle

Picture yourself in the tropics.....on a private a private paradise bungalow.....surrounded by tropical plants and flowers......having a relaxing shower in an outdoor bathroom that overlooks the ocean....massaging your scalp with the most indulgent of shampoos......imagine the fragrance surrounding you.....

...I've found that fragrance in a shampoo bottle. 

I recently tried the Paul Mitchell Original Shampoo One. Now, I may not be able to make the dream a reality for you, but I have found the shampoo that will make you feel like a Necker Island dream is least for the 10 minutes you are in the shower. Necker Island btw is Richard Branson's private island paradise where celebs go to escape the daily grind. 

This shampoo is a basic clarifying shampoo that I have been using once every few weeks to get a break from my regular moisturizing and smoothing shampoo. It's not moisturizing enough for me for daily use because my hair is so thick and dry, but for those with fine or thin hair, this would be a great daily shampoo. In any case, the tropical fragrance of this shampoo is enough to make me run to the salon and sniff every Paul Mitchell bottle to find a smoothing shampoo that will make me feel like I am bathing on an island paradise. 

Speaking of fragrances, when I was at the Macy's Trend Show last week, I was handed a fragrance card with some new fragrance on it. I had the card sitting in a bag in my bedroom and every time I walked by that bag, I could smell the amazing scent of fragrant tiare flowers (my fave) combined with a sweet floral musk. I finally pulled the card out of the bag a couple days ago and discovered the next fragrance on my must-buy list:

I have and love the original Ralph Lauren Romance, but this one takes it to another level. If you like the original, you MUST try this I just hope it's not limited edition.

What are your fave summer fragrances?

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  1. I love RL Romanace! I think that was my very first perfume. I will have to try this new one before its gone. They usually are limited edition.



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