Saturday, April 16, 2011

Macys Trend Show

Hi dolls! This morning I went to the Macy's Trend Show at my local Macy's store. What is a Trend Show you ask? A Trend Show is a fashion show highlighting cosmetic and fragrance trends for the upcoming season, and mixed in are a few fashion trends as well. You get tons of samples, there are FANTASTIC raffle prizes, each beauty counter has their pros on hand to do makeovers, and the cosmetic and fragrance counters usually have some type of gift with purchase.

So my day started out with a continental breakfast of fruit, pastries, juices, and coffee.

Followed by searching for a good seat close to the stage.

Then the show started.

Surprise, surprise, white is in for spring and summer.

Intermixed between fashion and cosmetic displays were raffle giveaways. Now, I never win anything, and when I do, it's usually some crappy thing that I wouldn't ever use. So imagine my excitement when my name was called for this wonderful basket:

Yep....just the name Chanel makes my heart flutter. Thump Thump. Thump Thump. I am not familiar with these fragrances...Coco Mademoiselle and Allure....but I will try them out soon. Have you tried these?

So after the show, I made my way to the Bobbi Brown (BB) I have been curious to try out more of their products. Since it was early and most people were hanging out by the stage, the BB area had low traffic and a BB makeup artist offered to do my makeup. Now, I NEVER get my makeup done at a counter, but in the interest of seeing what I might learn and how another artist does my makeup, I said yes. Here's the result:

In true Bobbi Brown fashion, the artist did a very natural look, using Skin foundation, their infamous Corrector and Concealer under my eyes, Bronze Shimmer Brick on my cheeks, and Heather Pink Rich Lip Color on my cheeks (I LOVED this shade and the fact that it has SPF!) Now, everything looks fine and dandy, but I would never let a client walk away leaving like this. For one, the artist didn't set my makeup with a powder, hence my shiny forehead, and she screwed up my eyeliner. 

Check out the inner area of my upper lash line....the liner is smudged! I even told the artist to fix it and she did, but she didn't fix it all the way. Call me a perfectionist, but I don't think that screwing up someone's makeup is the best way to apply makeup or sell product. 

The eyeshadows used were: Bone on the entire lid and brow bone area, Cement on the lid, Stone in the crease, and then a light dusting of Eggplant in the crease. The liner used was the Black Ink Gel Liner. Overall I did like the color combination for a neutral daytime eye. Minus the smudged liner, that is.

A glimpse of the samples I collected:

I know both Macy's and Nordstrom stores do trend shows every so often...most stores tend to do them once a year, so if one Nordstrom does a Fall Trend Show, then another Nordstrom in the area will do a Spring Trend Show. If you are interested in attending one (the Spring Trend Shows are happening now), call your local beauty counter and ask if they are doing one. For Nordstrom, you have to pay $15 for the ticket, but when you show up, you get a $15 Nordstrom giftcard to use, so basically the show is free. For this one at Macy's, the ticket price was $20 and I only got a $10 Macy's gift card, so it was $10 for the show, but TOTALLY worth it for me this time because I won a raffle. All in all it was a fun event and I would definitely be interested in attending more Trend Shows in the future.


  1. Wow, Looks like fun! I would love to attend a show like this. I'll have to contact my local stores. Congrats on your win! I would be super excited too. I haven't tried any of the Chanel fragrances but I have always heard great things about them.

  2. Congrats on the win, that's super awesome! The event sounds fun, maybe I should go sometime? :) x

  3. I just bought 160- worth of Dior items and was offered a free seat at the show this Sat. July 16th- just seeing the amount of "free samples" you received makes me wonder if this is worth it?



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