Friday, July 31, 2009

Must Haves #1 - Sunscreen

There are a few beauty products I absolutely can't live without. When it comes to sunscreen, I think everyone needs one they can't live without. This one is mine!

The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen is awesome! It is a little bit thick, so it requires some rubbing in, but I like that because I feel like the thickness means more protection. I know that probably has nothing to do with the level of protection you receive, but I believe it. Anyways, this sunscreen provides both UVA and UVB protection, is non greasy and absorbs really well into the skin. It does not feel oily or sticky and it does not smell funny either. It is fabulous! It protects without all the negatives that we don't want in a sunscreen. And the best part? It has super high protection! This last tube pictured on the left is SPF 55, but they now have a new one that is SPF 100+!!!!!! How amazing is that! The 100+ one is said to protect skin from 99% of UVB sun damage! When it comes to having a higher SPF, I say bring it on!

The dry touch formula is non-shiny too, so you can even use it on your face! I typically use this only on my body but for days when I am in the sun ALL day, like at the beach or amusement park, I prefer this because of the increased SPF. It is also waterproof, sweatproof, and non-comedogenic so it won't clog pores!

For all of you with sensitive skin, don't worry about that, this formula is PABA (Para-Amino Benzoic Acid) - free, so it won't irritate sensitive skin. Instead, there are other non-irritating ingredients that help protect your skin.

And if I hadn't mentioned enough great things about this, there is one's available in drug stores so you don't have to spend a fortune! It can't get any better than that.

MAC Lightful Collection - In Stores Again!

The MAC Lightful collection has had a strong and faithful following, but is typically only available in PRO stores. Every now and then MAC will re-release the collection in freestanding stores and counters. Well, it's that time again, so if you have been interested in trying out this collection, I highly suggest it! My fave is the MAC Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Cream. It is perfect for all skin types and works great, especially in the summertime because it is so refreshing! If you missed my previous review on this product, you can check it out here.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friends & Family 30% off at Gap, Banana Republic & Old Navy

This deal is too good to keep to myself! Print the coupon below to receive 30% off at Gap, Banana Republic & Old Navy, and it even works at factory stores/outlets! This offer is only valid for four days from July 30 - August 2 and is valid instore in the US only, not online. You're welcome! =)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tweet Me!!

I am trying to get on the Twitter bandwagon....sigh, why do I always give in to these social networking addictions?

Anyhoo, if you would like to join in on the fun, follow me!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

20 Questions - tell your readers something

I was tagged by the lovely blogger Suka & Spice (check out the blog, its fantastic...hehehe) to complete the following 20 questions honestly, and 'tell your readers something'. Hope you learn a little something about me. =)

1. What is your favourite item of clothing?
I love clothes almost as much as I love makeup, and to choose just one piece is so difficult! But if I had to choose one, it would be my black waist length peacoat from Express. I love coats and if I could wear one all the time, I would. I especially love this one because it is warm, has some nice details, and looks really smart when worn with jeans, pants, anything! The photo does not do it justice, but I am too lazy to put it on and take a picture.

2. What are your biggest obsessions?
Beauty products, shoes, and the internet.

3. Who inspires you?
People are who intelligent and modest, and who are able to have philosophical conversations. My fiance and my close friends also inspire me.

4. Who is your favourite designer and why?
Michael Kors for the wearability of his pieces, and I think Randolph Duke makes the best gowns. If I were going to a fancy award show, I would want him to dress me.

5. What is your favourite song ever?
Choti Si Aasha from the Tamil movie Roja.

6. What is your favourite song right now?
Beyonce's Halo.

7. If you were a sweetie, what would you be?
Cadbury Flake. Not really because I think I am a flake, but it tastes so good!

8. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet--what words would you use to describe
your rainbow?
sindoor, sunset, the trees in alaska, and a peacock feather (sorry Fantastic, but I love those colors too!)

9. What's your favourite film?
Dil To Pagal Hai - Yes I love me some Bollywood

10. Who's your favourite actor?
American - Will Smith because he makes great movies. Indian - Anupam Kher because if I were an actress, I would want him playing my dad.

11. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
With my friend in Atherton, CA. She just had a baby boy and I can't wait to see her and the baby.

12. What are your 3 favourite smells?
Lilies, Singapore (yes, I love the smell of that country), and sweets baking in the oven

13. What are your 3 favourite tastes?
strawberries, chocolate, and anything spicy

14. What is your most treasured possession?
My relationships with friends and family. I know that is intangible, but without my loved ones, no material item has any value to me.

15. What did you always want to do/be when you grew up?
A lawyer. Then I found out how much reading they have to do.

16. If you were an ice-cream, what flavour would you be?
Mango gelato

17. If someone made a short film of your life, who would play you?
Sushmita Sen

18. What would your perfect afternoon consist of?
Being with my family and closest friends and laughing till we lose our voices

19. If you were a flower, what would you be?
A lily - the pink one that smells devine

20. Tell me a random thing--a quote, line from a song, book, movie..
Life is not to fear, life is to enjoy! ~Third Eye Blind

If you feel so inclined, copy and paste into the comments or your own blog and tell me 20 things about yourself!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

MAC 226 Brush Review

Since I was so disappointed in the new MAC lip balm, I had to write a post about a MAC product that I truly am a fan of. The MAC 226 eye brush is a limited edition brush that is meant for applying color to the crease of the eye. I had a feeling this would be a great crease brush just by seeing images of it, and I was right. =) For my crease, I am not a fan of the 217, even though some people swear by it. I prefer the 224, even though it is quite large. The 222 is pretty good, but this 226 is better!

The bristles on the 226 are shorter than the bristles on the 222, and the 226 has a pointier tip. It gets the color precisely in the crease, and the bristles have the perfect amount of softness and firmness that is required to blend the color smoothly and effortlessly. This brush is smaller than the 224 so it fits perfectly into the crease area. I also like this because the pointiness allows you to create a really defined "v" on the outer lid area. I also use the pencil brush for that, but I like this one too.

Another great thing about this brush is that is has dark colored bristles. I don't like when my brushes get stained so I tend to not like white bristles. I have, however, mastered the art of cleaning my face brushes so they don't get stained, but I have a harder time with white eye brushes.

If you are in the market for a crease brush, I highly recommend this one. But get it soon before it sells out, since it is a limited edition brush. Do you have this brush? What do you think?

MAC Suntint SPF 20 Review

I never thought this day would come, but to my shock and horror, it has. There is now a MAC product that I actually do not like. GASP!! Sure there are products I prefer over others, and some colors I might stay away from, but I can usually make things work for me. Until now.

As part of the Baby Bloom collection that MAC launched last Thursday, they released a new lip balm - the Suntint SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm. MAC.....Lip Balm....sun protection....pretty colors...sounds amazing right? Well in theory, yes, but in reality, I am not impressed. It is not super thick and gooey, but it is also not liquidy. It is somewhere in the middle. Not as jelly-like as the lip gelees, and less glossy that a gloss. The texture is nothing to write home about and neither is the overall product. Here's why:

1. The colors are sheer. When I mean sheer, I mean it looks like clear gloss. If that is what you are going for, great! But if I'm using something with no color, I might as well get a colorless lip conditioner. Check out the swatch below. This is the darkest of all the shades, Full of Grace. It looks like a nice summery pink when it is glopped on, but once spread out, as it would be on the lips, it is totally colorless.

2. The taste. These guys don't have the typical vanilla-y scent and flavor that all the other MAC lip glosses and tinted lip conditioners (TLCs) have. This tastes like plastic. No, I do not eat my lip balm, but some always gets into the inner portion of the lip and I can totally taste the disgustingness that is plastic. No matter how hard I try, I can't get over it and it keeps bothering me.

3. It's really not that conditioning! If I am going to use a lip balm, I want it to be a balm! I want it to be moisturizing and conditioning, and leave my lips soft. After this wears off, it leaves my lips craving moisture and my lips do not feel very soft. I almost feel like I have an allergy to one of the ingredients because my lips just feel rough and scratchy, even while the product is on. I have never had this type of feeling with any other lip product, especially MAC, so I'm not sure if its me or the products itself.

Check out the lip swatch below to get a better idea of the glossiness level. This is the natural color of my lips and so the only effect is the glossiness of the balm.

Overall this left me wanting more. I was hoping to find a new fave, but unfortunately this was not it. For now I will be sticking to my TLCs and my carmex.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SYTYCD - I'm addicted

Ok, this is totally not beauty related (except that the makeup artists are super talented), but I am addicted to watching So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). I'm watching it as I write this and I was just about to write that Jeanine and Brandon are my favorites, but I just saw Ade and Melissa's piece on breast cancer and it was phenomenal! I think it was absolutely beautifully danced to perfection. But just as beautiful as it was, I am amazed with Tyce's choreography and ability to portray something that affects each and every one of us. Every one of us knows at least one person who has suffered from cancer and the struggle for survival is so emotional, and to capture that in a dance is truly amazing.

I love shows like this because although dance has been around as long as humanity, it has not been until recent times that it is being recognized by the world as a culture, form of expression, and a lifestyle! I am especially proud because of the Bollywood representation, which has sparked a huge surge of interest in Indian arts. Just last night the Cal bhangra team performed on America's Got Talent and blew everyone away. The news always portrays India as a place of poverty and finally we are getting some recognition for just one of the gazillion positive things we do!

Anyways, if you are still reading my ramblings, I am officially rooting for all 4 of the dancers I mentioned above, but I know that all of the top 8 are just amazing. Good luck to them all!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shave Minimizing Lotions - Do They Really Work?

I know I have been using a lot of high end products lately, but there are still several drugstore products that I absolutely cannot live without. That includes anything and everything from Aveeno. I am a huge fan of this brand (that's probably an understatement). I have been using Aveeno's regular moisturizer for many years now, but I really discovered all this brand has to offer when I used to work for Johnson and Johnson (the parent company of Aveeno).

One of my favorites is their Positively Smooth Moisturizing Lotion. It is one of those hair minimizing lotions, of which, to be honest, I have tried many, but was still skeptical. Until I met this guy. This lotion claims that it reduces the speed of hair growth so you have to shave less often.

I have been using this for several weeks now and I can already tell a difference. After using this lotion, I am able to go at least one more day without shaving, than when I was not using this. I apply this to my legs every night. It is super moisturizing and it absorbs quickly, so I don't have to wait a long time for it to dry. It has a light clean fragrance, and has all the great natural benefits (like oatmeal) that are packed in to Aveeno moisturizers. Between that and having to shave less often, what's not to love!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to be hair-free when traveling? Check out the Schick Intuition

I have a trip coming up so I will be doing a lot of posts on travel-friendly beauty items over the next few weeks. Whenever I am on travel, I always want to look extra cute, because I am usually meeting friends and family I don't see often, or traveling and taking lots of pictures. This creates a problem though because I want to look good but can't have my entire closet and makeup stash in my suitcase. I am turning into quite the packer and am always on the hunt for items that are multi-purpose and still provide a great end result. The following is one such item:
I tried out the Schick Intuition razor, which has a built in shaving cream bar and moisturizer so you don't have to use any shaving cream! That big light green bar around the actual razor in the photo below....yep thats the shaving cream bar/moisturizer! This is great for travel since you don't have to lug around shaving cream when you travel, and it is better than using a razor and conditioner/shower gel/insert other alternative you might use if you don't have shaving cream.

I think this razor does a great job of shaving and getting close to the hair. I find it works just as great as other good quality razors but without the mess of shaving foam. The only issue for me is that I use shaving foam as a marker for the areas I shave, so I know the area with foam still needs to be shaved. Thus, I find I have to pay more attention with this razor so I don't miss a spot, since there is no foam to act as a marker. Overall though, I really like this and will definitely be taking it along with me on my trip.

MAC 109 Brush Review

I got the MAC 109 brush a while ago and I have been waiting to use it a few times to really see how it works with different products before posting a review. The result? I have now added it to my must have list!

This brush has short hairs and it is rounded. When you first get it it seems pretty small but after a couple uses the bristles will "open" up a little bit and the bristles form a round dome shape. The brush is very dense and so it blends and buffs product extremely well. I also like this because it keeps the color on my face, instead of eating it up in the bristles. A lot of brushes absorb so much of the color and there is so much product wastage, but this one does not do that. I can tell because I don't find myself having to apply more product, the first "grab" of product is usually enough.

I have tried this brush out with several products and love it with each. Read on for my thoughts and how I used it most effectively:

Foundation: I love this for liquid foundation because it gives a smooth, flawless look. I often go through phases with my makeup and although I thought the 187 was THE foundation brush, I am currently addicted to this one! I dot the liquid foundation all over my face, a few small dots in each area, and then use the 109 to smooth and blend out the foundation, then use small circular strokes to blend it in. This gives such a flawless look, and really makes your skin tone so natural and even. This is probably my favorite way to use this brush.

Powder: Although this brush is much smaller than your typical powder brush, it works really well to apply and buff it in. The brush provides a similar result as a buffer/kabuki brush. I wouldn't necessarily go out and get this just for powder, but if you have it, its one more product you can use it with.

Blush: Using the 109 with blush is so heavenly! I swipe the brush across powder blush and then tap it onto my cheeks. I then buff out the color by swirling the brush in a circular motion. It makes the color look so natural and well blended. You can really get a natural flush or layer on the color to get a more dramatic look. You can get the color on very precisely without ending up with splotches of pin/peach on your cheeks.

Highlighter: Since this brush is so small, it can be used to apply highlighter as well! I just lightly tap into my highlight color then brush it onto the upper cheek area and temples. It provides a nice glow without being in-your-face-shiny.

You can definitely use this to apply a contour color, but I am too lazy to do that so I haven't tried out that application as yet. Overall, I highly recommend this brush because it is multi-purpose, while providing great application! Some multi-purposes can be good, but this one is great! Let me know what you think if you have it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I tried doing a dramatic look today with blues and teals. This is a look I would only wear going to a club or an Indian party, with fancy clothes. I prefer to go out with a neutral look on a daily basis, but to each her own!
Here is what I did (all products by MAC unless specified):

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin with the 217 brush
2. Shadow in Too Dolly applied to the inner third of the eye with the 239 brush
3. Shadow in Steamy applied to the middle of the lid with the 239
4. Shadow in Freshwater applied to the outer third of the lid and dragged slightly into the crease with the 239
5. Shadow in Moons Reflection applied all throughout the crease and slightly above the crease with the 239. I did this so the darker crease color would fade into the browbone color
6. Shadow in Deep Truth applied to the crease and lightly to the outer V using the 226 brush
7. Shadow in Mylar applied to the browbone with the 225
8. I lined the upper lash line with UD 24/7 liner in Zero
9. I applied Benefit BASgal mascara in black

1. I usually use the MAC Select liquid foundation but I have been curious about their other formulas and am trying them out. I am wearing the Face and Body Foundation on the left side and the Studio Fix Fluid on the right side of my face. You might not be able to tell the difference in the photos, but there is a huge difference in real life. I actually prefer the Face and Body because it looks more natural in real light. The Studio Fix gives thicker coverage and is not natural looking on me. Can you guys tell a difference? Oh yeah, foundation was applied with the 209 brush.
2. I used Loreal Ideal Balance powder with the 209.
3. Applied The Body Shop blush in Ginger (this might be discontinued) with the 209.
4. Again used the 109 to apply highlight to the temples/cheekbones. I used Beauty Powder in Drizzlegold. This might be a PRO product only now, but I highly recommend it. Review coming soon!

1. Lipstick in Brave New Bronze
2. Lipglass in Underage

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Experiment with Woodwinked and Cranberry

I decided I needed to experiment more with color combinations so I opened up one of my MAC palettes and decided to just see what came to me. I took a look at Woodwinked and decided to apply it all over my lid. Woodwinked is beautiful just on its own, but I wanted to experiment, and since it is so shimmery, I did not want to add more shimmer. I took a look at Cranberry and thought, hmm, I wonder what that would look like paired with the Woodwinked already on my lid. I used the 224 to dust Cranberry into the crease. I did not apply liner, but I did put on some mascara. This is what it turned out to be:

Keep in mind, I still haven't had a chance to play around with my camera so this photo is not so great and does not reflect the true color intensity. I did try and take more photos but the quality was bad and I was too embarrassed to post those. So this one will have to do for now, until I figure out how to take better pics.

Anyways, the combo looked really pretty on and it gives the eye some visual interest, without being too funky or disco-ball-y.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stila Party in LA!! And Stila Online Discount!!

If you are in Southern California you might want to check this out:

In case the font is too small to read, the invite is for a party at the Lotta Stensson boutique in LA, to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Stila artists will be on hand to do complimentary makeovers. The party is from 7:30-10:30pm this Wed, July 15th.

If you can't make it to the party but are lemming some Stila products, you can shop online at and get 30% off your purchases of $30 or more by entering code LOTTA09 at checkout. Hurry though, this offer can expire at anytime!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Smooth Control Hair Shampoo

I started trying out the Schwarzkopf Professional hair care products after my aunt in India recommended them to me, and her stylist in Mumbai recommended them to her. I have actually had my hair done from this stylist and she is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G so I trust her recommendations. Anyways, for awhile now I have been using the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Smooth Control Shampoo and Conditioner. This is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. I have used both drugstore and professional salon products and these products have given me the smoothest, silkiest hair and beat out anything I have ever used. Even my mom loves these! The shampoo does a great job of cleansing away all the serum, heat protectant, and other product I use in my hair, and it really does feel squeeky clean. Yes, even after putting the age old remedy of coconut oil in my hair (though, whenever I use coconut oil, I ALWAYS shampoo twice just to make sure I get the greasiness out). The conditioner says to leave it in for 3 minutes, so I usually condition, then wash my face, and sing a lil, then rinse it out. It leaves my hair soft, silky, manageable, and makes me want to wave my hair around like the girls in the Pantene commercials. Both products are nice, softly scented, and not at all overpowering. You just get clean, soft, manageable hair. This is especially great if you straighten your hair, or have straight hair and just want it to be less frizzy.

I think Schwarzkopf Professional products are more readily available in Europe than in the US, as I have not seen them in too many salons, but I know they are there. In the US, Ulta is your best bet.

I have since purchased a Schwarzkopf Professional deep conditioning treatment and am almost more in love with that, so will write a post about that too!

Oh, and if you ever travel to Mumbai and want to get your hair done, email me at and I will give you the contact info of the hair stylist I go to there.

Cosmetics Outlet Shopping!

If you can't tell, I am a major shopper! I always look forward to the big 3 day weekend/holiday sales here in the US, since I usually end up with great deals. Unfortunately, I was unable to go shopping (due to various reasons) for Presidents Day and Memorial Day this year, so was determined to hit the malls for the US Independence Day (July 4th)!! Not only did I make a trip to a mall in San Diego, but I also stopped by the outlet stores in Carlsbad! Ok, so I bought mostly baby clothes because I have a lot of preggy friends who are due in the next couple months, but I did find a few other steals.

I ventured into the The Cosmetics Company Store and to my surprise they had some great stuff! I used to think that cosmetics outlets had old products that I would not want anywhere near my skin. Ok, so they might not be the latest collections, but I found that most of the items were from the Christmas timeframe! And seriously, even if some of the products were a few months older, they were all brand new and packaged/sealed, so they were all new and untouched. If you bought a beauty product last year, chances are you still have it and are using it, so what's the harm in buying something a few months later, right? So after I got over that "old product" fear, I decided to look around.

As always, I checked out the MAC display first. It didn't occur to me to take any pictures, but I can certainly talk about the stuff. They had some great deals on shadow palettes from Christmas and the Cult of Cherry collection, all around $22-$28, which is a great deal! Usually the palettes are $36-$38 and are considered a good value at that price, so $22-$28 is even better! It comes out to around $4 a shadow, which is almost a third of the price if you were to buy the shadow in pan form from MAC. Ok, so great deals, but also great colors. They had a great smoky eye and lip "trip" collection palette from the items they sell at international duty free shops, some Fafi blushes and quads, and Holiday 2009 brush sets and palettes. My best find was the Holiday 2009 Viva Glam Warm Lips palette shown above. I recently finished my tube of Viva Glam V lipglass, and I thought, for $14 I can get a new gloss, or pick up this palette, which comes with Viva Glam V lipglass and Viva Glam V and VI lipstick, for $15.75! I was sold!

Friday, July 10, 2009

MAC Colour Craft Thoughts

So I checked out the new MAC Colour Craft Collection, and I was less than impressed. I am not a big fan of mineralize shadows since they don't come out very pigmented on me, and tend to fade quickly. Most colors can be duped by regular shadows so why not stick to what works! The new mineralize blushes had too much glitter for my taste, and I don't think cheeks are the spot for glitter. The MSFs were beautiful, but once you have one in a pinkish shade and one in a brownish shade, does having more really make too much difference? Ok, so the answer to that is yes, but in all seriousness I did not think anything was a must have. I did pick up the 226 brush and will write a review on that once I use it a few times and get a good feel for it. If there were 3 products that stand out from this collection they would be:

1. 226 brush
2. MSF in Warm Blend
3. MSF in Smooth Merge

Both of those MSFs are the triple shades in one palette. Each shade is beautiful individually and gorgeous when combined. One thing I really like about these new MSFs is they are more velvety and smooth, not glittery like many of the previously released MSFs. If you don't have any yet, check these out!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Available Again

Last fall/holiday season, I got the Urban Decay Book of Shadows as pictured on the right. Then, I was foolish enough to return it because I thought I had too much makeup. I have regretted that decision and been on the lookout for this for a really long time. I keep telling myself no, then when I tell myself it is ok to get it, it's sold out everywhere!

Well the other day I was surfing Sephora online and lo and behold, they have this back in stock!!! Ladies (and gentlemen), stop reading my blog, go immediately to and order this!

It does seem pricey to drop $45 at once, but each shadow comes out to be just under $3 each, which is a steal for Urban Decay! The colors in here are beautiful and the quality as fantastic! Each shadow has great color payoff and are so smooth and buttery. Yes, a couple of them are glittery, but everyone needs some glitter and shine. My only "issue" which I don't even consider an issue because this palette is so amazing, is that there are no neutral highlight colors. But we all have tons of highlighters lying around so not a big deal. I just wished this had one so I could take one palette with me for traveling. But if I were traveling I would have more than just shadow with me so throwing in a little pot of highlighter won't be a big deal to add to my makeup bag.

8 of the colors in this are permanent and 8 are limited edition. Seriously, I don't know why you are still reading this and not on Sephora's site ordering this...

Easy Smoky Eye for Going Out!

This is a super simply smoky eye look that I did the other day. I was intending to just wear some black liner on my top lid, but I was rushing and drew the line thicker than I wanted, so I fixed it by adding some shadow and calling it a smoky eye. =) (I know the left eye is darker than the right but that is a shadow, I did actually apply color to both eyes equally).

Here is what I did (all by MAC):

Eyes: I drew thick line on the top eyelid with a black smudgy pencil. I used an Elizabeth Arden black kohl that I had lying around. This line does not have to be precise since you are going to go over it with shadow. Next I took a charcoal shadow and applied it over the pencil with the 239. I used Stately Black from the Hello Kitty Too Dolly palette, but Knight Divine would work well. I dabbed the shadow over the liner, then took what was remaining on the brush and applied it to the lid, working close to the lash line then outwards so it fades out. Since I had the Too Dolly palette out, I used the color Yogurt from the palette to highlight the brow bone. I used the same pencil and lined my waterline. I curled my lashes and applied black mascara.

Face: I applied my Select SPF foundation then used the trick I mentioned in a recent post, by applying the Blush of Youth Beauty Powder lightly all over my face with the 109 brush. I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 109, but more on that later. I then buffed on my Mineralize Skinfinish Natural all over my face. For blush, I took the same Blush of Youth Beauty Powder and applied in a little stronger over my cheekbones, and finished off my face with by highlighting the cheek with Light Flush Mineralize Skinfinish. I went for subtle cheeks because I wanted to try out the Beauty Powder and see how it looks on the face and also as a blush. I also did not want a heavy face since my eyes were dark.

Lips: I used Underage lipglass, which is a nude opaque gloss. I just didn't feel like layering on lipstick so this gloss did the trick.

The photo above doesn't do justice to the look because I don't have a good camera, but at least you get the idea. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MAC Colour Craft Collection

The MAC Colour Craft Collection hits stores Thursday but is already available online at

I like the Mineralize Skinfinishes so I will have to check those out in person. I don't really appreciate the mineralize eyeshadows, as I prefer my pallettes. However, some of the shadows do have a nice consistency....I think it is hit or miss with those so I will just pass. I know for sure I want to pick up the 226 brush because I have heard amazing things about it. After I try it out for a bit I will be sure to post a review! I also want to check out the new 131 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush since it has the same bristles as the 187 and 188, both of which I love. Hmmm, I thought I would be safe because I did not want much from this collection, but since brushes are so expensive, it may still add up! Are you craving anything?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial

I know this has nothing to do with beauty, but I just have to say how surreal it is that Michael Jackson is gone. It's funny how you never think about things until it is too late. I'm sure that hundreds of thousands of people dusted off their old MJ cds and have been playing them recently. But what about those years they were sitting in a box or cabinet, when you didn't think twice about them? It is events like this that make you think twice and not take things for granted. Sadly, most of us will think about these things for a day or two, and then settle back into our ways.

His passing has definitely made me think back about my memories as a kid sitting in my living room with my best friend who lived down the street and belting out his tunes. In fact, his Dangerous album was the first CD I ever got. I am so happy that the events of the past decade are not affecting how the world views him today. Sure, there will be people who only think about the negative but he really did impact the world in a positive way, and it's heartwarming to know that the majority of the world is embracing his contributions. For all the desis out there, just think how many Bollywood songs have imitated MJ.

Anyways, everything about MJ's passing has captured my attention and makes me sad. The public memorial was beautiful, wish I could have been there in person. If you guys have any thoughts about this recent event, please feel free to share them in the comments.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Airplace Makeup

During my trip to Atlanta (aka Hotlanta) a couple weeks ago, I simplified my airplane beauty routine and it really worked well for me. Since my flight was at 6am, I showered and applied only moisturizer to my face and left for the airport. On the plane, I made sure to drink plenty of water and apply lip balm as needed. About 30 minutes before landing, I took out a makeup wipe (any wet wipe will do) and cleansed my face. It felt so refreshing and clean and my skin loved it. I reapplied moisturizer, then put on my MAC Select Moisturecover compact foundation with the sponge that comes with it. I had a mini sample of the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin so I applied a tiny amount to my lids, curled my lashes, put on mascara, more lip balm, and I was set! Normally, I wouldn't have done all this except that I left straight from the airport to a meeting so I had to look put together.

I know usually we fly for work or to go meet people we haven't seen for awhile so sometimes we want to look good when we get there. My minimal routine seemed to work really well, and the 5 beauty items fit easily into my purse. I even put the moisturizer into a little travel jar so it would be compact. Another option is to do this at the airport after landing, but at that point I just want to get to my final destination, not spend more time in an airport bathroom.

On another note, I'm not much of a soda or beverage person, I am all about the H20, so I always get excited to see all the beverage options on the plane because I never have them at home. However I am learning to resist the temptation while traveling and have beverage control and drink only water. I was successful on this last trip so hopefully it will get easier.

What are your airplane rituals?

New Use for MAC Beauty Powders

Are you one of us gals who loves the look of the MAC Beauty Powders but wishes you could wear them in more ways than just as a blush? Well, you can use them as highlighters, depending on the color of the product and your skin tone, but I recently learned of a new way to use them! I was chatting up a makeup artist at Nordstrom this past weekend and we were drooling over the new MAC Look in a Box sets that are being released as part of the Anniversary Sale that starts July 17 - mark your calendars ladies! These look boxes are great because they give you all the tools you need to create one of three looks: Seductress, Sun Siren, or Sweet Tease. Click
here to preorder on the Nordstrom website. My recommendation is for the Sweet Tease look box as pictured below:
This set includes 5 products packaged together to achieve a minimalist, lightly sexy look. I love this set because it features 5 of MACs best products, and you can use all of them! Unlike many sets where you only love a couple of the products. The set includes:

Shell Pearl Beauty Powder - Check out the technique mentioned below.

Mulch Eyeshadow - Love this eyeshadow color! I use it in the crease and it complements so many different colors!

Gleam Eyeshadow - Another favorite! I am all about pinks and shimmer!

Love Nectar Lustreglass - A holy grail color of mine. I even got my mom addicted to this one.

promo-sized Zoom Lash - My second fave MAC mascara. My favorite is still plushlash but you can't go wrong with this one too!

181SE Buffer Brush - These are fab! Especially for applying powders and for blending!

This set is limited edition, and only available at Nordstrom during their Anniversary sale. You can call your local Nordies and preorder, which I recommend because they will go fast. Especially since these sets are a steal at $59.50, and each set is valued at $100!!

Ok, back to the Beauty Powders. So the Shell Beauty Powder in this set is a light pink/white shimmery color that would look great as a highlight on top of blush, but I learned that it also works great as a luminizer! The MA at Nordstrom told me that you can achieve a flawless, glowing complextion by applying foundation, then applying the beauty powder all over the face. Finally, apply a skin tone powder, such as the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural. She had used it on herself and it looked amazing! Almost like using a luminizer or lustre drops. I am going to try this technique with the beauty powders I do have and see how it turns out. Will keep you posted on the results!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ayesha Thapar's Beauty Secrets

In Vogue India, Ayesha Thapar shares her beauty rituals:

HOME REMEDY: Drink virgin coconut oil every morning to keep your system well-moisturised from the inside and your skin glowing from the outside. CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Benetint by Benefit, Skin Ceuticals Vitamin C Serum, and LancĂ´me Medium Bisque under-eye cover-up. DAILY RITUALS: I use a Cetaphil cleanser every morning and night, then use cream and apply make-up. IN-FLIGHT RITUALS: Drink a lot of water, wash your make-up off on the plane and apply a moisturising night cream like SK II Signs Treatment Totality; take a melatonin tablet an sleep. 'GET GLAMOROUS' TIP: I use an egg-white mask with a tightening powder as a quick fix before bad nights. I also ice my face before applying make-up as a quick pick-me-up.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Empty Bottles

Do you guys ever get that empty bottle satisfaction? That fulfilling, giddy feeling when you use up a beauty product and its time to toss/recycle the bottle/jar/tube? Ok, maybe I'm the only who gets that, but I have got to say, finishing up a beauty product really does give me some crazy thrilling satisfaction! I dunno whether its the feeling of knowing I used up something, because I have so many beauty goods, or the fact that using up something means buying something new, or just knowing that I get to toss out something because I no longer need it! Probably a combination of all three, though I am one that enjoys cleaning stuff out and purging....I have a lot of stuff but I don't like clutter.

Recently I have made it a point to not buy tons of extra stuff like lotions, as I have a tendency to overstock during the Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale. Also, for some reason, I have been finishing up a lot of products and it has really been satisfying. Almost as much as going shopping....almost! Do you ladies ever get this feeling?


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