Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to be hair-free when traveling? Check out the Schick Intuition

I have a trip coming up so I will be doing a lot of posts on travel-friendly beauty items over the next few weeks. Whenever I am on travel, I always want to look extra cute, because I am usually meeting friends and family I don't see often, or traveling and taking lots of pictures. This creates a problem though because I want to look good but can't have my entire closet and makeup stash in my suitcase. I am turning into quite the packer and am always on the hunt for items that are multi-purpose and still provide a great end result. The following is one such item:
I tried out the Schick Intuition razor, which has a built in shaving cream bar and moisturizer so you don't have to use any shaving cream! That big light green bar around the actual razor in the photo below....yep thats the shaving cream bar/moisturizer! This is great for travel since you don't have to lug around shaving cream when you travel, and it is better than using a razor and conditioner/shower gel/insert other alternative you might use if you don't have shaving cream.

I think this razor does a great job of shaving and getting close to the hair. I find it works just as great as other good quality razors but without the mess of shaving foam. The only issue for me is that I use shaving foam as a marker for the areas I shave, so I know the area with foam still needs to be shaved. Thus, I find I have to pay more attention with this razor so I don't miss a spot, since there is no foam to act as a marker. Overall though, I really like this and will definitely be taking it along with me on my trip.


  1. I used one of these razor/shave cream combo's when I went travelling to the UK..and at least for didn't work..The razor wasn't that great and the shave cream wore down unevenly. Plus, it was hard to do underarms and knees..Even though, bringing a shave cream and an individual razor mean more products..I would never go back to the razor combo.

  2. I love the intuition! I have been using it for a few years. I think it just takes a little getting used to. I think the newer intuition has more blades so you get a closer shave. Pretty much just like any razor available.



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