Monday, July 6, 2009

New Use for MAC Beauty Powders

Are you one of us gals who loves the look of the MAC Beauty Powders but wishes you could wear them in more ways than just as a blush? Well, you can use them as highlighters, depending on the color of the product and your skin tone, but I recently learned of a new way to use them! I was chatting up a makeup artist at Nordstrom this past weekend and we were drooling over the new MAC Look in a Box sets that are being released as part of the Anniversary Sale that starts July 17 - mark your calendars ladies! These look boxes are great because they give you all the tools you need to create one of three looks: Seductress, Sun Siren, or Sweet Tease. Click
here to preorder on the Nordstrom website. My recommendation is for the Sweet Tease look box as pictured below:
This set includes 5 products packaged together to achieve a minimalist, lightly sexy look. I love this set because it features 5 of MACs best products, and you can use all of them! Unlike many sets where you only love a couple of the products. The set includes:

Shell Pearl Beauty Powder - Check out the technique mentioned below.

Mulch Eyeshadow - Love this eyeshadow color! I use it in the crease and it complements so many different colors!

Gleam Eyeshadow - Another favorite! I am all about pinks and shimmer!

Love Nectar Lustreglass - A holy grail color of mine. I even got my mom addicted to this one.

promo-sized Zoom Lash - My second fave MAC mascara. My favorite is still plushlash but you can't go wrong with this one too!

181SE Buffer Brush - These are fab! Especially for applying powders and for blending!

This set is limited edition, and only available at Nordstrom during their Anniversary sale. You can call your local Nordies and preorder, which I recommend because they will go fast. Especially since these sets are a steal at $59.50, and each set is valued at $100!!

Ok, back to the Beauty Powders. So the Shell Beauty Powder in this set is a light pink/white shimmery color that would look great as a highlight on top of blush, but I learned that it also works great as a luminizer! The MA at Nordstrom told me that you can achieve a flawless, glowing complextion by applying foundation, then applying the beauty powder all over the face. Finally, apply a skin tone powder, such as the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural. She had used it on herself and it looked amazing! Almost like using a luminizer or lustre drops. I am going to try this technique with the beauty powders I do have and see how it turns out. Will keep you posted on the results!


  1. I'm excited about the look in a box's are the other two? I already have love nectar and mulch..and love em!

  2. I too am looking forward to the look box. I want the Sweet Tease box as well. Love Nectar is one of my all time favorite MAC products. I have been wanting to get the 181 to try the technique you mentioned in one of your earlier posts. I thinks this set would be an awesome deal.

  3. The other two look boxes are great too! If you want a bronzer and know how to apply it well (I think brozers are a bit tricky), then go for the Sun Siren, because it has Amberlights, which I think every girl should have, and Shroom is a fantastic highlighter. If you like smoky eyes, then go for the Seductress one because Knight Devine makes for a beautiful smoky eye and Bare slimshine goes well with a dark eye. I guess it all depends on what you already have and what you have been wanting. In any case, these are all a great deal! However, if you already have items from each, then it is probably worth your while to purchase the items you really want on an individual basis.



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