Sunday, July 19, 2009

MAC 109 Brush Review

I got the MAC 109 brush a while ago and I have been waiting to use it a few times to really see how it works with different products before posting a review. The result? I have now added it to my must have list!

This brush has short hairs and it is rounded. When you first get it it seems pretty small but after a couple uses the bristles will "open" up a little bit and the bristles form a round dome shape. The brush is very dense and so it blends and buffs product extremely well. I also like this because it keeps the color on my face, instead of eating it up in the bristles. A lot of brushes absorb so much of the color and there is so much product wastage, but this one does not do that. I can tell because I don't find myself having to apply more product, the first "grab" of product is usually enough.

I have tried this brush out with several products and love it with each. Read on for my thoughts and how I used it most effectively:

Foundation: I love this for liquid foundation because it gives a smooth, flawless look. I often go through phases with my makeup and although I thought the 187 was THE foundation brush, I am currently addicted to this one! I dot the liquid foundation all over my face, a few small dots in each area, and then use the 109 to smooth and blend out the foundation, then use small circular strokes to blend it in. This gives such a flawless look, and really makes your skin tone so natural and even. This is probably my favorite way to use this brush.

Powder: Although this brush is much smaller than your typical powder brush, it works really well to apply and buff it in. The brush provides a similar result as a buffer/kabuki brush. I wouldn't necessarily go out and get this just for powder, but if you have it, its one more product you can use it with.

Blush: Using the 109 with blush is so heavenly! I swipe the brush across powder blush and then tap it onto my cheeks. I then buff out the color by swirling the brush in a circular motion. It makes the color look so natural and well blended. You can really get a natural flush or layer on the color to get a more dramatic look. You can get the color on very precisely without ending up with splotches of pin/peach on your cheeks.

Highlighter: Since this brush is so small, it can be used to apply highlighter as well! I just lightly tap into my highlight color then brush it onto the upper cheek area and temples. It provides a nice glow without being in-your-face-shiny.

You can definitely use this to apply a contour color, but I am too lazy to do that so I haven't tried out that application as yet. Overall, I highly recommend this brush because it is multi-purpose, while providing great application! Some multi-purposes can be good, but this one is great! Let me know what you think if you have it.


  1. The 109 really seems like the do--it-all brush..How is it with foundation compared to the 187..better? Thanks for the review

  2. Wow it sounds like this brush is very useful! I'll have to try it out.

  3. The 109 and 187 are so different yet so fabulous. Since the 109 is more dense and the bristles are shorter, you can really buff face products into the skin. It gives a very natural look. Sometimes you can tell that a person is wearing foundation but with the 109 it gives the appearance that it really is your skin. The 109 blends and buffs really well. The 187 is good for placing and blending color. I truly think both are must haves so can't pick just one. In a way the 109 is better because it is smaller and can fit into nooks and crannies, like under the eye and around the nose. If you don't have either, get the 109 because it is cheaper.

  4. I love this brush, if only it does not shed when I use it to apply my liquid foundation. Now it's the must have for defined contouring :) my very first MAC brush, always be dear to my heart hehehe

  5. Don't know if you still blog but this is one of the best reviews I've come across in regards to brushes. Keep up the great work. Much love and light to you.



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