Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Empty Bottles

Do you guys ever get that empty bottle satisfaction? That fulfilling, giddy feeling when you use up a beauty product and its time to toss/recycle the bottle/jar/tube? Ok, maybe I'm the only who gets that, but I have got to say, finishing up a beauty product really does give me some crazy thrilling satisfaction! I dunno whether its the feeling of knowing I used up something, because I have so many beauty goods, or the fact that using up something means buying something new, or just knowing that I get to toss out something because I no longer need it! Probably a combination of all three, though I am one that enjoys cleaning stuff out and purging....I have a lot of stuff but I don't like clutter.

Recently I have made it a point to not buy tons of extra stuff like lotions, as I have a tendency to overstock during the Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale. Also, for some reason, I have been finishing up a lot of products and it has really been satisfying. Almost as much as going shopping....almost! Do you ladies ever get this feeling?


  1. hi! longtime lurker here.

    i share your feelings about using something up - oddly satisfying. i especially love it when i use up a tube of lip gloss!

    i'm quite new to this blogging thing, i'm trying to get readers/commenters for my blog, so i would appreciate it if you could put me on your blog list!


  2. I feel the same way! Especiallly if it's one of my MAC products cause I'm closer to getting a free product.



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