Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Update and My Fave Moisturizers

I know I have been absent for a couple weeks and I apologize, but my life has been a whirlwind recently! I just came to India, where I will be attending my cousin's wedding soon, and I am also going to be getting my wedding outfits. I feel like the business in my life won't end until after my wedding, which is good in a way cuz I'd much rather be busy than bored.

Since it is winter back in the states, I put together a little review of my fave moisturizers right now:

This is part of the moisturizing collection at Victorias Secret, and is the Soft Embrace fragrance. It has shea butter in it, yet is non-greasy and feels soooo soft and silky. It provides moisture the entire day and the fragrance is not too overpowering. I highly recommend this one, as it can be used year-round, but I have a feeling it is limited edition and won't last too long.

This body butter from Bath and Body Works is super duper thick, but dries super duper quickly! It feels like it could be greasy, but it is not, and it provides great hydration. Since it is thick, you do end up using more, so you will definitely go through this product quite fast.

I am in love with this fragrance from the Body Shop. It is called Black Velvet Apricot and was part of the holiday collection. It's Body Shop body butter so you know it's quality and works great. This is one to stock up on if you find it (on sale of course) at your local store.

My new favorite addiction, Korres, has these body milks, which are thin lotions. They seem liquidy, but they provide excellent hydration that lasts all day long. This one is in Jasmine, and is very light and you can use any perfume over it. This is a great product for year round use, and will definitely be in my constant rotation of lotions.

What are your fave body moisturizers right now?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

15 Minutes of Beauty Fame

Hello lovelies! Want to check out my 15 minutes of fame? Head on over here to Temptalia, where I wrote a guest post of how to go from a day to evening look in 5 minutes.

There are a couple full face pics on the post, but if you want to take a closer look at what I did to the eyes, here ya go:

Day Eyes: UDPP, Arena eyeshadow on lid, Cork eyeshadow in the crease, Black Russian Pearlglide liner on upper lash line, and Estee Lauder More than Mascara on lashes.

Evening Eyes: Added Sketch eyeshadow in outer corner and Feline Kohl Power pencil on waterline.

In other news, I have been super busy with my wedding planning ventures, not to mention I leave for India in less than a week, and I am also helping a friend with MBA application essays. Life is super crazy right now but it's great to have your support and look to you wonderful readers to keep me connected with beauty and help me de-stress. =)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Essence Review

In my constant search for my holy grail skin care routine, I ventured into the world of Japanese skin care and tried the Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Essence. This serum is supposed to hydrate, firm, and provide balance to the skin, and contains a laundry list of natural and botanical ingredients. As I have mentioned before, I am on a green product kick, so naturally I was excited to try this out.

The texture of the serum is very liquidy, so it is easy to spread across the skin, and you don't need very much at all. That is a good thing, considering this 1.35oz bottle costs $107. Pricey, yes, but it will last you a loooong time.

In terms of results, I used this everyday for 3 weeks (refer to some previous posts to learn my philosophy on how long I need to use skin care to tell if I like it or not). I did not have any adverse reaction, but I also did not see anything amazing. My skin did feel moisturized, it did feel firm, and it was not dull. I still did not have that glow that I like, so I was not completely loving this product. I have a feeling this is one of those products you have to using for an extensive period of time to see results, so I am tempted to keep using it. Let's see how that goes, since I am such a product jumper.

Kajal Couture Rating: C

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: The product itself is moisturizing, absorbs quickly into the skin, and feels great on. In terms of results, I did not get what I expected, but I have hope this will do more if used regularly for a longer period of time. It is very expensive though so I am not sure that I would repurchase unless I saw some miraculous change in my skin.

As a side note, when I received the product in the mail, I wasn't sure exactly how to use it, whether I had to rub thoroughly into the skin, or just let it absorb naturally. As you can see below, the instructions didn't help because they were all in Japanese. Thankfully, Koh Gen Do now has a website that provides English directions on how to use each product.

This product was provided to my by PR. For additional information, please refer to my Disclaimer.


So I am sure many of you have seen a lot of beauty websites advertise their Disclaimers. I too have created one, and will refer to it from now on in all posts that contain a product review. Here it is:


All thoughts, opinions, and reviews expressed in this blog are my own and based entirely on my own personal feelings and experiences. Occasionally, PR firms will send me products to review, but I do not in any shape or form get paid to review the products, so rest assured that I will always provide my honest opinion in any review, regardless of whether I purchase a product or if it was provided to me. My priority is to provide you with an honest account of my experiences and feelings about a product. In addition, if products were provided to me for review purposes, it will be mentioned in the blog post. Otherwise, all other products are purchased with my own money.

Any links embedded in my blog posts are not affiliate links, they are simply a reference to where you can obtain more information. I do not get paid if you click on the links or purchase any products. This blog is a passion of mine and I do not blog to make money. I do it because I love beauty products and I love meeting other wonderful people interested in!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Manish Arora Makeup for Spring/Summer 2010

I've been feeling a lil down and out today, so I've just been surfing the web this evening and just having some alone time to myself. My soon-to-be mother-in-law (MIL) is not the nicest person in the world (surprise, surprise...I mean, does anyone really like their MIL?) and she is causing some drama for my fiance and I.

Seems like a good weight-loss technique, yeah?

Anyhoo, I was surfing the MAC Pro website and noticed that they already have the Spring/Summer 2010 trend looks from the runway shows. The winter has just started here in California (yes, 40 degree temperature is winter for us), so I am still clinging to my smoky eyes and dark lips, but since one of the trend looks was from Indian designer Manish Arora (he did the Manish Arora for MAC collection last fall, that sold out online in like 30 seconds), I just had to do a post on that.

Here is how you can achieve his minimalist look, per the MAC Pro website:

"Keeping the make-up quite bare the emphasis is placed on pearly skin texture and nude features. I wanted the balance created by the understated makeup and over-the-top face accessory to have a futuristic feel." - Kabuki

M·A·C Pro Water Base Mixing Medium and Pro White Frost Pigment - applied in a "c" shape to the outer corners of the eyes.

Studio Sculpt Foundation- applied as a base to the face as a whole and then in darker shades under the cheekbones, and down the sides of the nose to contour.
M·A·C Pro Water Base Mixing Medium and Pro White Frost Pigment - placed down the center of the nose, on the chin and over the cupid's bow of the lips as a highlight.

M·A·C Pro Lip Erase in Dim- applied to the lips to block the natural coloring of the lips.
M·A·C Pro Water Base Mixing Medium and Pro White Frost Pigment - applied to the center of the lips as a highlight.

It's so non-traditional that I am tempted to try this out myself just to see how it looks. What are you faves for spring and summertime?

Aveda Enbrightenment Brightening Correcting Serum Review and a Drugstore Deal

I had a sample of the Aveda Enbrightenment Brightening Correcting Serum so I decided to actually try it out, since I have been on my natural product kick. My sample was decent sized so it lasted about 2 weeks. I know that is not long enough to determine if it was really brightening my skin or not, but 2 weeks is enough for me to notice whether I want to keep using a product or if I am ready to move on.

After 2 weeks, I was ready to move on. Mainly because I did not like the sticky feeling that I felt every time I applied this on my skin. The serum does absorb quickly, so the stickiness doesn't last too long, but I still didn't like it, even if it was just a few seconds.

I did not have any adverse reaction, like sudden breakouts, but I also did not see any improvement of any other type of positive effect. Usually, even if I don't see a reduction in signs of aging, or improvement in brightness, if a product is effective, my skin will start to glow within just a few days of using it. I did not get that glow from this, so I am now on to the next product.

Kajal Couture Rating: C

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: Thumbs down for the stickiness factor, thumbs up for being Aveda and using natural products, but it didn't do anything positive for me.

So I stopped by Rite Aid (a drugstore) today to pick up something, and of course I had to stop by the makeup aisles to do a quick walk-by, and I noticed that a ton of makeup from all different brands is 75% off right now! I think they are products/colors that are being discontinued, but I saw some great nail polishes for under $1, pretty eyeshadows in all different colors (yes, colors that you could actually use, not just the funky leftovers), and some nice eyeliners (I was tempted by the Loreal and Cover Girl colored liners) and lipsticks on sale. If you are interested in trying something new, I recommend you stop by your local Rite Aid and check out the stock. You might find something you really like!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lush-ious Skin for the Wintertime

For months I have been reading about other bloggers' addictions to Lush products, how some of them have totally transformed their beauty routines and how fabulous and effective they are. So you can imagine my curiosity and desire to test out the brand for myself. Therefore, last month, I trekked down to the nearest Lush store (half an hour away mind you), spent over an hour sniffing and staring and rubbing, and finally walked out with some goodies of my very own.
This first one is by far my favorite. It is a chunk of the Heavenly Bodies Buttercream. It is 20% soap and 80% moisturizer so you can use it in the shower as a combined body cleanser and body lotion. This one smells like chocolate and cocoa combined with some heavenly floral scent that I can't pinpoint. This stuff melts easily when in contact with water, so I used it by cutting small slivers, with each one lasting 3-4 days. This stuff is creamy and smooth and provides buttery moisture, without feeling greasy. The moisture actually lasts long after you towel dry, and I even think its more effective than most in-shower moisturizers that you get in bottles. This, as with most Lush products, are quite expensive so I see this as a winter time treat, especially great during the holidays when you want to pamper yourself and delight in soft skin.

Kajal Couture Rating: A

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: Pricey, but smells great and is a fabulous moisturizer so I think it is a great way to treat yourself to something special!

This next one is the massage bar in Heavanilli. You can use massage bars by rubbing them between your hands for a few seconds, then giving a special someone a massage, or just rubbing the moisture on your own skin as a moisturizer. Since this is intended for massages, it is a bit greasy and doesn't absorb into the skin quickly. It smells like sweet vanilla and jasmine and I love using this as a moisturizer because the effect is long lasting, and in the wintertime, the greasiness actually feels a little nice because the cold weather can make my skin crackle.

Kajal Couture Rating: B

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: I like the moisturizing effects, but I tend to lean towards fast-absorbing products. The smell is great and this would be a good massage product, but really, how often do you give people massages?

When I walked into the Lush store, the sales assistant had me try this Soft Coeur massage bar and I instantly knew I had to have it! It smells like chocolate and honey, and I have to be careful not to accidently take a bite because it smells soooo delicious! I absolutely recommend this one.

Kajal Couture Rating: B+

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: Same overall opinion as the other massage bar, but I gave a little higher rating because of the divine smell!

Finally, this is the Honey Bee bath bomb. Now, I haven't actually used this yet, because it is one of those products that you are supposed to use whole and just drop in your shower and watch it fizz and enjoy the soothing, fragrant properties of honey and aloe vera. I have heard of people cutting these with a knife so they can use them a couple times. That is something I will try, because I feel like having a $6 item get used up in 1 shower is just not worth it for me. For that much, I can buy a whole bottle of body wash that will last a couple months!

My final thoughts are that I appreciate the fragrances and the intention of Lush products, but they are just too expensive for me to include them as regular items in my beauty routine. I think they are a great treat every once in awhile and I may pick up a buttercream every so often. The massage bars are also good because they will last a long time so you do get a good amount of usage for your buck. I also really like that the products are natural and handmade, but as of late I have been finding the natural Korres products to be a bit more practical for me. On that note, keep a watch for some Korres product reviews coming up....I have been falling in love with a lot of them!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Smooth Legs for Santa.....Giveaway Time!

Several months ago during the summertime (in the US) I reviewed the Schick Intuition Razor. I must admit that in the colder months I don't shave as often, but with all the holiday parties right now, it means wearing lots of dresses, and in turn, smooth, hair-free legs. That means it's time for a giveaway!

I am giving away 3 Schick Intuition razors in 3 different colors/designs as pictured below:

You get two chances to enter. All you have to do is:

1. Comment telling me which color you want, and be sure to leave me your email address.

2. Follow me. Update: No need to follow me on Twitter, just follow me by subsrcibing to the blog using the Follow Me feature on the right hand side toolbar. If you are already a follower, you will automatically receive one chance to win! =)
Easy as that! The deadline for entering is Sunday Dec 13th, at 11:59pm EST. Good luck y'all!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanks But I'll Pass on the Alligator Skin - Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration Moisturizer Review

I got a sample of the Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration SPF 15 moisturizer so I thought I would try it out. This was my first experience with Boscia, and I'm sure they have some great products, but this is not one of them.

In terms of hydration, this was fine, it is pretty liquidy so it blends on the skin well, and you don't need a lot to cover your face. It also feels lightweight and would be great in the summertime. Even as we are transitioning to winter, it was able to keep my skin moisturized. Until I applied makeup that is. I noticed that when I wore this moisturizer, as soon as I applied foundation, the foundation would start to pill up and it looked like I had dry, flaky skin. I tried it with several different brands and formulas of foundations and had the same problem every time, so I knew it was this moisturizer causing the problem. I have dry skin to begin with, so perhaps this is not an issue for those with oily skin. I'm just glad this was a sample and I didn't spend anything on it, because if I did, this would definitely be going back.

Kajal Couture Rating: C-

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: It's fine (not great) at providing moisture when worn alone, but when topped with foundation, your skin will appear flaky, and who wants to walk around with flaky skin? This is considered a simple moisturizer because it doesn't claim to do anything grand, but it does have SPF in it. If you are looking for a simple moisturizer, there are much better and cheaper drugstore brands like Olay and Aveeno that have similar moisturizers that won't give you alligator skin.

Have any of you tried anything by Boscia? Is there anything you do or do not recommend?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bliss Body Wash and Lotion - Super Deal at Costco

I know I have mentioned this before, but I LURVE Costco!!! For those of you not on the West Coast, Costco was the first warehouse shopping club, initially called Price Club. It is a large store in a warehouse, where they sell large quantities, or bulk quantities of everything from toilet paper to soda to fruits to computers and TVs (the computers and TVs are sold individually, not in bulk). The prices are insanely good, but the thing is you have to have a membership to shop at the store. Membership averages around $50, but is soooo worth it! Now they have many different warehouse clubs like Sam's Club, BJs, etc, but I have a Costco membership since it is close to my home. Anyhoo, I don't go very often, but when I do, I ALWAYS take a stroll down their health and beauty aisles. I have seem some great things like MAC eyeshadow, Lancome Definicils, and Shisheido skin care, all at discounted prices of course. On a recent trip to Costco, I saw the following: This duo includes a large 16floz Bubbling Body Wash, and a 6.7oz Body Lotion, and this set was only $15!!!! They actually have it online too, but online it is $25, which is still a good price for Bliss products, but why pay $10 more if you don't have to? In fact, there was a instant $5 rebate when I saw it (the rebate is now over, I think), so I got this set for $10. That's about the same price as picking up a Bath and Body Works shower gel and lotion during their semi-annual sales. SCORE!!!!

Now, the thing is, when I got home, I wanted to know how much both products retail at. Unfortunately, these products are not on the Bliss website. Henceforth, this leads me to believe that Bliss created these as special items for the holiday season, specifically for Costco. This is the case with a lot of brands/companies....they make special products and colors specifically to be sold at Costco. The other possibility is that these are not real Bliss products, however I HIGHLY doubt that, since I know that a LOT of research goes into what gets sold at Costco and they would never sell fakes. Companies compete to have their products sold at Costco. Since it is such a popular store, they have the ability to be extremely selective about what products are sold in the store. So, until I have reason to doubt it, I am sticking with my first theory that this set was specially created for Costco, and y'all better run out and get it, cuz for this price, it's going to sell out!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stila Warehouse Sale in LA - This Sat

This Sat, December 5th, Stila is having a Winter Warehouse Sale!!! Products will marked down 50%-80% off, and there is a $600 limit. Check out the flyer below for more info.

If you are in LA, will you be attending? If so, do let me know what you haul!!!

Meeeow! A Smoky Cat Eye

Hey lovelies! With the Thanksgiving holiday I was falling behind on my blogging, but I have just been so busy!! I had a wonderful long weekend and am back to work! Here is a cat eye look I did the other day just for fun:

How was your Thanksgiving? I am pressed for time right now so I can't write much, but if you want to know how I did this look or want to know what I used, let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday 2009: Beauty and Fashion Deals

I love shopping on Black Friday. I used to think Black Friday shoppers were crazy, but then I turned into one of them. There is something so thrilling and exciting about waking up at the crack of dawn to go shopping and wiggling your way through the mazes of shopping carts and mad shoppers. Yes, sounds painful, right? Trust me, try it once and you will realize how fun it is. I even got my mom into it! Most malls will even have free coffee stations set up to keep shoppers up and alert. So what do you say, will you join me this year in the madness that is Black Friday?

If that is not your cup of tea, here are some deals to fulfill that shopping bug on Black Friday and through the weekend. I will update as I find out about new deals:
  • Korres: With any purchase over $50, get a FREE cherry lip gloss trio ($48 value) AND FREE shipping. Ente code FREEGIFT at checkout. Valid Nov 25-Nov 30. Also, if you visit on Sunday Nov 29, you will be able to take an early advantage of the Cyper Monday specials
  • Origins: Get a set of 6 bestsellers: Checks and Balances (150ml and travel size 50ml), Ginger Souffle (200ml and travel size 50ml), and Modern Friction (125ml and travel size 50ml) for only $55! This set is valued at $111.50, so you are getting it at half price. Valid Nov 17-supplies run out. They also have free shipping on any order through Dec 18 3pm EST.
  • Lancome: 20% off your entire order plus free shipping. Enter code HOLIDAYJOY2 at checkout. Valid Nov 24 to Nov 30.
  • Too Faced Cosmetics: FREE Beauty Addict Palette ($29.50 value) with purchases of $75 or more, while supplies last. Also, get free shipping with purchases of $50 or more. While supplies last.
  • Bliss: 30% off create your own gift sets with code GIFT30. Also, get 30% off a gift or 2 or more items with code GIFT30. Both offers valid now till Dec 1
  • Philosophy: Free Shipping, no minimum, plus up to 40% off select Philosophy favorites. Also get 40% off on select philosophy favorites. Enter code holidays at checkout.

Now for some non-beauty related deals:

  • Express: 20% off your entire purchase online. Enter code 4389 at checkout. Valid PRE-Black Friday only, Nov 25-26
  • H&M: 25% off item of your choice from opening - 10AM on Black Friday, Nov 27th only. All day long enjoy Fashion Finds from $5.
  • GAP: 50% all women's and men's sweaters, and 50% off kid's and baby fleece styles. Valid through Nov 29
  • The Limited: 40% off everything in-store and online, plus a FREE Pleated Ruffle Scard with $75 pre-tax purchase. Valid Black Friday Nov 27 only. Also, get free shipping on everything Nov 26-Nov 30.

If you know of any more great discounts, please share them in the comments. Some of the offers above last through Cyber Monday on Nov 30, but there might be more that will sprout through the weekend, so if I find out about new deals, I will do my best to post them for you. Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Korres Ginger and Vitamins Foundation Review

I recently made my first venture into trying out Korres products, and let me tell ya, I am a very happy camper!! I had been on the Korres site many times, and always wondered what to try out. I read many a review before I decided on a couple products. The first that I will review for you is my favorite of what I got: the Ginger and Vitamins Foundation SPF 15:

This is a light-medium coverage foundation, and if you use a wet brush or sponge to apply it, you can sheer it out for a light finish. The product is so weightless on the skin, that it feels like tinted moisturizer. This foundation provides a very natural look, it does not look caked on, or give the appearance that you are wearing foundation, and that is what I love most about it. It is not oily or greasy feeling, but at the same time it is not matte, it gives a very natural, dewy finish. Of course, topped with a powder, you can achieve a very matte look. I bought the shade LF4 and I am usually an NC30 in MAC, and the LF4 matches me perfectly. Here is a swatch:

On the left side is a tiny droplet squeezed directly from the tube, the middle is a droplet blended out slightly, so you can see how lightweight and liquidy it is, and the right swatch is blended out. Keep in mind that is my hand, which is why the foundation does not blend naturally and the color does not match.

This has become my new daily use foundation and I love it! Rarely do I feel that a product is worth every cent, but with this one I do. The other plus is that this foundation is actually good for your skin! It is Korres so it is made of natural ingredients, it has ginger to tone and clarify the skin, and Vitamins C and E to prevent the visible signs of aging! And if that wasn't enough, this baby has SPF 10 in it too! I mean, it's not a lot, but its better than nothing, especially if your moisturizer doesn't have SPF in it. If I had to point out a negative, it would be that after you apply this foundation, you have to let it set a minute or so before applying other face products. For me, that is not hard because I either wait till it dries, or I move on to my eye makeup. Either way, it is definitely worth that extra min or so because the finish is so great.

If you are interested in trying this out, they do have it at Sephora, but if you order online like I did, I heard that the even number shades (LF2, LF4, and LF6) are for people with golden/olive undertones, and the odd number shades (LF1, LF3, and LF5) are for those with pink undertones.

Kajal Couture Rating: A

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: Great foundation for those that want a natural look without looking like you are wearing foundation. Feels great on the skin and it is actually good for your skin too! I highly recommend this one, and it starting to become a favorite of mine.

I was so pleased with this that my next Korres plan of action is to try out their face primer...let's see if my wallet agrees.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Purple Eyeshadow: Drama and Fun...All Rolled In To One!!

It is almost the weekend, and that means time for some fun! Here's a quick look I did a few days ago that was bright, fun, and brought a little drama to the eye:

I used all MAC: Stars and Rockets on the lid, followed by a mixture of Smut and Satellite Dreams in the crease. I decided to go all out purple so I lined my top lid and waterline with Fab Orchid Eye Pencil, and did a sweep of Stars and Rockets on the lower lid. I'm not wearing mascara in these pics, but I did top it off with Lancome Definicils to complete the look.

I was on the MAC website earlier today and I noticed that this is somewhat similar to the model's eye look in the Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Collection photo. Her eye makeup is more winged out and has more fuschia in it, but it falls in the same purple category.

Speaking of purple, it is all over the place in the fashion world too! You know how most little girls choose either purple and pink as their favorite colors? I was never one of those! Somehow I didn't really like purple growing up, but I am now loving deep eggplant hues, vivid indigos, and even bright fuchia-violets.....ahhh....I love color!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gisele in a Saree...East Meets West for the Cover of Vogue India

When I was in India a couple months ago, I picked up stacks and stacks of bridal and fashion magazines. I admit, I still have not flipped through them all, but I did go through my favorite, Vogue India, and am so mesmerized by this picture of Gisele in a saree:

She looks so natural, yet so stunning and I love that she is able to wear the saree, the saree is not wearing her. Of course, us normal people would wear a blouse with a saree, but in the spirit of fashion, its not necessary. Gisele looks so long and lean (who am I kidding, she IS long and lean), and I don't know what it is, but the photo is mesmerizing...

That photo was from the September 2009 issue of Vogue India, where Gisele graced the cover:

Her look is so natural and timeless. I love that she can pull of a super traditional Indian style necklace with a very non-traditional (for Indian standards) outfit.

In this close up look, Gisele is wearing very natural makeup, some taupy shades on the eyes, fresh glowy skin, and a my-lips-but-better pinky lipcolor.

All the images were scanned in, so they aren't fabulous, but I felt like sharing them with you. =)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gold and Glamorous - Stila Shadow Trio Gold Glow Review

I love gold. There I said it. I am proud of it.

Gold is so glamorous and luxurious. It makes you feel gorgeous and makes you glow from the inside and out. I have always loved gold makeup, but gold eyeshadow in particular always holds a place close to my heart. I must have numerous gold shadows in my collection, but I never cease to pick up just one more....

...which is why I got the Stila Shadow Trio in Gold Glow. This is a mineralized shadow, and although I am not a huge fan of mineralize shadows, I decided to give this one a try because it did not have huge chunks of glitter in it, and the colors were very pretty when swatched:

Overall, I like this product. It is very similar to the MAC Warm Blend MSF that was released a few months ago, but that had large chunks of glitter in it, and with that came the fallout. The Stila shadow trio does not have fallout. I did a couple quick looks using this shadow trio, and was so excited to try out the product, I forgot to use the foil technique of dampening my brush before grabbing the shadow. I probably would have got a more intense payoff that way, but in any case, you can see how the colors are on their own, knowing that foiling them would result in a better look.

In this first look, I applied the darkest shade along my lash line and through the lid, the medium shade in the crease, and the lightest shade as my highlight. I was going for a subtle smoky look:

I ventured out a little more in this next look. I applied the lightest shade in the inner corner of my eye (I did a quick and messy job, which is why there is a little too much highlight in the bottom corner), the medium shade on the outer lid, and the darkest shade in the crease:

There was not a huge difference between the medium and darkest shades, but it was still apparent enough to give enough of a shaded effect. Overall, I really liked this shadow and will be using it a lot on those days when I want something glowy on my lids, but don't have enough time to spend creating a complicated look. The trio is so easy to use with all colors in one spot, they blend well together, and complement each other. The shimmer is not too over the top, so it is wearable for both work and play. The shadow pan itself is quite large so I will probably never finish it, but meh, do I really finish any shadows?

Kajal Couture Rating: B+

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: Great shadow for an easy-but-still-has-visual-interest look. Colors blend well and are very smooth. I would have given it an A if the colors were more pigmented, especially the darkest shade, and the price was cheaper (alone this retails for $28, but is available right now in the Stila Gift of Appreciation set that is currently only $38).

What do you think of this? What are your Stila faves?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Benefit BOI-ING and Eye Bright Review

I picked up this Benefit To-Go Boi-ing and Eye Bright duo during a Sephora special. I thought it was a good chance to try out two popular Benefit products and I loved the cute little to-go packaging:

According to Sephora, this is what these products are supposed to do:

Boi-ing, the industrial-strength concealer, camouflages dark circles, shadows, and discoloration for a seamless, natural-looking finish, without creasing or fading. And Eye Bright conceals and brightens shadows in the inner corner of eyes while providing a lifting-effect for the outer corner. This dynamic duo works together to make sure your eyes radiantly pop!

It's nice that this compact has a mirror and two products in it, so it would be perfect for traveling (well, the packaging is perfect, the product itself, read below). The Eye Bright is a pinky white cream and the Boi-ing is in shade 02 - medium.

To jump to the chase: this product is going back. I actually did like the concealer, but it is not my favorite, so I would not go out to purchase this alone. It was creamy and blended well into the skin and it covered my dark circles well, but it did not last very long. I felt that this is something I would have to reapply after 4ish hours, and I need a concealer that lasts through the day.

The Eye Bright is the main reason I did not like this compact. It had a horrible consistency! It was so hard and difficult to 1. get onto my finger/brush and 2. to blend into the skin. It was not at all creamy, so it did not go on well, and it actually made me tug at the skin around the eye area, and I absolutely will not hold onto a product that makes me do that. I also did not think it did anything miraculous for me. Once on the skin, it looked a bit cakey and I felt like it highlighted the lines around my eyes instead of brightening my skin. I feel that you can use any non-shimmery highlighter or eyeshadow to get the effect this is supposed to do. I was so displeased with this one, I am going to return it...I can't make it work for me in any way.

So I am thinking about starting to do some sort of rating system when I do reviews. Do you think that would be helpful? I mean, its all subjective right since these are my own personal views, but hey, it would give a little more info on whether or not I think a product is worth trying out. I feel like there are lots of things I like, but I don't want you to feel that I like everything out there, or that I recommend you try everything I like. Ok, now I am just rambling. In any case, my rating of this product would be a D. I don't want to give products an F because that's just so sad, and I know some out there who actually might like this product, but its not for me. Does that help? Should I start this new rating for all reviews?

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Favorite Silver Things - Makeup and More!

Last week Tali from The Gloss Goss did a post about her gold beauty items. Since so many bloggers have been doing gold, she suggested we mix it up a bit and try to do a post about silver items. I was quite excited to see if I could even find anything silver in my makeup stash, since I use mostly MAC and we all know that's black. It was a little bit hard to find enough silver, so I cheated a lil and this is what I came up with:

Clockwise from the left:

1. Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey Eau De Toilette - One of my FAVORITE fragrances (and my fiance's fave as well)

2. A Too Faced lipstick - The case is a silver-pinky color, so I threw it in for kicks

3. A bracelet I got while on an Alaskan cruise last year - I love this because it is so modern and unique, and I haven't seen anything else like it

4. Urban Decay eyeshadow

5. The two tubes are a Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lipcolor. The tube with pink is the lip color and the other silver tube is the gloss coat that goes over the lipcolor

6. Shu Uemura Eyelash Color - Nuff said

Work was super crazy today and I was on the phone with my client for 11 hours!! I could so use some girly pampering time right now. After I eat dinner, I think I am going to do a face mask and paint my nails.'s relaxing me already!

How was your Tuesday? Are you off for Veterans Day tomorrow? I'm not but I just look forward to the start of a fresh new day!

Urban Decay Friends and Family is Back!!

My friends, as promised, Urban Decay is doing another Friends and Family sale so you can grab all your holiday sets for yourself and/or get them for your gift giving pleasure! I heard from the official Urban Decay twitter account that the Friends and Family 30% off discount just started!

What: 30% off your ENTIRE order

When: Now Nov 9 - Nov 20

Where: Urban Decay Online

Code: FNFW1

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Easy Peezy Earring Organization

Happy Sunday! Wait, Sundays aren't means the start of the work week. =/ The weekend is coming to an end and boy was it a busy one for me! I went to visit my fiance (he lives 1.5 hours away from me), watched a couple movies, went to a family friend's place for dinner, went to a class, and did makeup for a friend for a photoshoot. Man, I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

On to some fun stuff....

Awhile ago my mom had gone shopping for some home organization and she got me this really cool earring case and I wanted to share it with you all:

It opens up to reveal 4 sides that have holes and little grooves so you can store both dangly and stud type earrings. I didn't do the math, but it holds a LOT of pairs! It's great for me because I like to wear lots of different jewelry, but I rarely change my chain and pendant (I wear a religious one), instead I am constantly changing my earrings.

She got it from the Container Store and it's only $15!! You can check it out here. I love that store because they have so many cute little containers and great storage ideas. I am all about organization and I can't function if stuff is all over the place. I'm kind of like Monica from Friends, though not as compulsive as she was about the cleaning part. =)

On a random note, I made this Roasted Butternut Squash and Feta Risotto a few nights ago. It was absolutely dee-lish!! There is some onion, garlic, spinach, and some other spices in there. In the fall I really enjoy using holiday foods in my cooking, like pumpkin and cinnamon. The original recipe for this called for pumpkin but I decided to try it with Butternut Squash instead. It is not squishy like regular squash (I'm not fond of squishy veggies), and it has a nice flavor and is even a little bit sweet. Mmmm, I will definitely be making this one again!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Benefit Lust Dusters - Amazing Deal for A Set of 3 Pigments!!

Once again I stumbled upon a great deal and just had to tell somebody....YOU!!! =)

Right now Sephora's Weekly Special is a trio of Benefit Lust Dusters that is selling for only $10!! Lust dusters are loose pigments and normally retail for $18 a piece on the Benefit website. All 3 of the pots that come in this trio are full size, so you are getting a $54 deal for only $10!! They have two different color selections:

The first contains: Snow Bunny, Goldilocks, and Nugget:
The second one contains GoGo Girl, Big Daddy, and Moon Doggie.
You can use these as shadows, blush (though probably not the green one), highlighters, mixed with lotion or dry for body shimmer. I warn you though, I have not used these before so I am not sure how good they are, but for $10 they are worth a shot!

Whether or not you love loose pigments, have been wanting to try out loose powder colors, are a Benefit fan, or simply looking for a great, affordable holiday present, I highly recommend checking these out. They will definitely sell out so get yours quick!

Oh, and remember to use Ebates for all your Sephora online shopping needs! They are offering 8% cash back right now for shopping on I did a run down of how Ebates works here.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Primed and Perfectly Tan - Laura Geller Spackle® Tinted Under Make-up Primer Review

Hello my lovelies!!! Did you do anything fun for Halloween? My friends and I were supposed to go out as characters from Gilligan's Island, but several of us were not feeling very well, so that went down the drain, and I ended up hanging out at home and handing out candy to the little ones, which was actually super fun! The babies especially were SOOOOO adorable! There were a few who came in strollers, and even a 3 month old dressed as a ladybug!! We also gave out the light up glow bracelets, which were a big hit! It's fun to see kids get excited and I love to watch their eyes light up!

In other news I recently tried a sample of the Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Primer in Bronze. It is an oil-free face primer that creates a perfect base for your makeup, while giving you a hint of color. It is described on the Sephora website as the following:

Laura Geller Spackle® Tinted Under Make-up Primer has the same features and benefits as the best-selling Spackle®, but now shimmers with a sheer bronze tint. Revive your skin with a primer that re-texturizes the skin's surface to achieve a flawlessly smooth finish with a hint of sunkissed glow. The lightweight formula is also great for your skin—a complex of Botanical extracts nourish, moisturize, and protect. The velvety formula creates a perfect canvas for foundation and blush application and keeps makeup in place and looking fresh all day long.

This product is WONDERFUL! The product itself is very thin and liquidy. It feels light and silky on the skin and it gives a perfect, clean slate for makeup, but also looks wonderful on its own! It has a slight tint to it that makes you look sun-kissed. It gives you a nice tan glow without looking orange. Seriously, I would take this over self-tanners any day! It is not streaky, it blends so well into the skin and you won't even be able to feel anything. It does not provide the coverage of a foundation or tinted moisturizer, but if you are like me and don't really need coverage, this is great because the tint gives you just enough oomph that you feel like you are not naked (in the face that is), while giving you a natural, sun-kissed glow. This really is effortless, gives you a nice base for a natural no makeup look, or for a full face of makeup.

When you first pump the product it will look super dark, as in the swatch below, on the left. But then when you blend it out the color sheers out, as pictured on the right side of the swatch:

I know the blended out side makes it look glossy, but once the product is dry, it is matte, so you don't have to worry about being shiny. Even though the blended product looks almost colorless, I am NC 30 - NC 35 and this product makes me look perfectly tan. I am not sure how dark it will be on NC 15 skin tones so you might want to swatch it first at Sephora and see how it works for you. This is definitely tempting me to try out more Laura Geller products.

For a little fun & games, I was recently tagged by Fantastic over at Suka & Spice to do a one-word tag game. The purpose is to answer all the questions below with only one word. Here are my responses:

Where's your cell phone? Dresser
Your hair? Floppy
Your mother? Kitchen
Your father? Computer
Favorite Food? Chocolate
Dream Last Night? None
Favorite Drink? Limca
What Room Are You In? Dining
Hobby? Crafts
Fear? Pain
Where Were You Last Night? Home
Something That You Aren't? Short
Muffins? No
Wish List Item? Wii
Where Did You Grow Up? LA
What Are You Wearing? Express
Your Pets? None
Friends? Fabulous
Something You're Not Wearing? Bracelet
Favorite Store? Costco
Favorite Color? Red
Last Time You Laughed? Today
Your Best Friend? Fiance
Bestest Place You Go To Over and Over? Motherland
Person Who Emails You Regularly? Fiance
Favorite Place to Eat? TV

Now I would tag some of y'all, but I'm going to let it go this time....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Purple Skies on My Eyes - A Purple and Pink Look of the Day

This is a quick look I did a few days ago that reminded me of Barbie (not quite sure why, other than I used fun colors that little girls like), but also reminded me of a purple and pink sunset.

I used the following eyeshadow colors from the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume 1 that was released last year:

Inner lid - Smog
Middle of lid - Scandal
Outer corner of lid - Mixture of Mayhem and Last Call

I then used a black kohl to line the upper lash line and waterline, and applied Lancome Hypnose mascara to my lashes.

This was just a quick look I did, but I wanted to use multiple colors because I was in a playful mood. I kept thinking in my mind that it reminded me of cotton candy, but other than the pink, there really is nothing cotton candy-ish about it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fill up your shopping cart!

Perhaps I am just silly, but sometimes I get more joy out of filling up my online shopping carts, rather than actually receiving the packages. It's fun to play "fill up and empty" and as long as I don't hit the "checkout" button, its free entertainment!

However if playing with new products is more your cup of tea, then you might want to make use of the great deals going on now:

Sephora Friends and Family 20% off - Now through Nov 2nd, enter code FF2009, plus free shopping over $50

Korres Friends and Family 30% off - Now through Nov 13th, enter code FAMILY, plus free shopping over $50

Stila Free shipping on any purchase - This week only, enter code LAUNCH

If you have any more deals to share, please do so in the comments!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shades of Pink...Eyeshadow that is

This is a look that I do frequently because I love pink eyeshadow. It's quite simple and when I have no idea what to do, this is my default look.

Here's what I used, all MAC:
  1. Gleam shadow on the inner half of the upper and lower lid
  2. Mythology shadow on the outer half of the upper and lower lid
  3. Cranberry shadow in the outer corner and crease
  4. Pearlglide liner in Black Russian to line the upper lid
  5. Feline Kohl Power pencil to line the waterline

Do you have a go-to eye look? If so, do share! I'd love to hear about it and get some new ideas.


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