Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Manish Arora Makeup for Spring/Summer 2010

I've been feeling a lil down and out today, so I've just been surfing the web this evening and just having some alone time to myself. My soon-to-be mother-in-law (MIL) is not the nicest person in the world (surprise, surprise...I mean, does anyone really like their MIL?) and she is causing some drama for my fiance and I.

Seems like a good weight-loss technique, yeah?

Anyhoo, I was surfing the MAC Pro website and noticed that they already have the Spring/Summer 2010 trend looks from the runway shows. The winter has just started here in California (yes, 40 degree temperature is winter for us), so I am still clinging to my smoky eyes and dark lips, but since one of the trend looks was from Indian designer Manish Arora (he did the Manish Arora for MAC collection last fall, that sold out online in like 30 seconds), I just had to do a post on that.

Here is how you can achieve his minimalist look, per the MAC Pro website:

"Keeping the make-up quite bare the emphasis is placed on pearly skin texture and nude features. I wanted the balance created by the understated makeup and over-the-top face accessory to have a futuristic feel." - Kabuki

M·A·C Pro Water Base Mixing Medium and Pro White Frost Pigment - applied in a "c" shape to the outer corners of the eyes.

Studio Sculpt Foundation- applied as a base to the face as a whole and then in darker shades under the cheekbones, and down the sides of the nose to contour.
M·A·C Pro Water Base Mixing Medium and Pro White Frost Pigment - placed down the center of the nose, on the chin and over the cupid's bow of the lips as a highlight.

M·A·C Pro Lip Erase in Dim- applied to the lips to block the natural coloring of the lips.
M·A·C Pro Water Base Mixing Medium and Pro White Frost Pigment - applied to the center of the lips as a highlight.

It's so non-traditional that I am tempted to try this out myself just to see how it looks. What are you faves for spring and summertime?


  1. Thanks for this! I might try a toned-down version of this.
    I was bummed I didn't get my hands on the Manish collection. I live in Hawaii so when I woke up and checked the website it was all sold out. *Tear*
    I'm rocking dark polishes and smokey eyes here like it's winter but it's just too darn hot. LOL!

  2. i was so upset that the line had sold out so quickly--that was one of the LE lines that I was actually looking forward to!

    i hope things get better with your MIL..how much longer until you two tie the knot? Hopefully that will help to settle some of the dust :) xx

  3. @Leilani Let me know how the looks turns out when you try it! I feel ya with the Manish collection, I am in CA, so most things were sold out, but I can imagine that in your time zone, everything was gone! Oh, and girl, no matter what the weather is like, feel proud to rock the fall looks! =)

    @fantastic The wedding is in May, so I still have a few more months. I am ok now, I was just having a bad day, and needed someone to vent to, so I decided to tell you lovelies.



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