Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Update and My Fave Moisturizers

I know I have been absent for a couple weeks and I apologize, but my life has been a whirlwind recently! I just came to India, where I will be attending my cousin's wedding soon, and I am also going to be getting my wedding outfits. I feel like the business in my life won't end until after my wedding, which is good in a way cuz I'd much rather be busy than bored.

Since it is winter back in the states, I put together a little review of my fave moisturizers right now:

This is part of the moisturizing collection at Victorias Secret, and is the Soft Embrace fragrance. It has shea butter in it, yet is non-greasy and feels soooo soft and silky. It provides moisture the entire day and the fragrance is not too overpowering. I highly recommend this one, as it can be used year-round, but I have a feeling it is limited edition and won't last too long.

This body butter from Bath and Body Works is super duper thick, but dries super duper quickly! It feels like it could be greasy, but it is not, and it provides great hydration. Since it is thick, you do end up using more, so you will definitely go through this product quite fast.

I am in love with this fragrance from the Body Shop. It is called Black Velvet Apricot and was part of the holiday collection. It's Body Shop body butter so you know it's quality and works great. This is one to stock up on if you find it (on sale of course) at your local store.

My new favorite addiction, Korres, has these body milks, which are thin lotions. They seem liquidy, but they provide excellent hydration that lasts all day long. This one is in Jasmine, and is very light and you can use any perfume over it. This is a great product for year round use, and will definitely be in my constant rotation of lotions.

What are your fave body moisturizers right now?


  1. you're in india again?? both you and lady b! right now i'm going between H2o+ moisturizer in mango tango, and vaseline's clinical therapy intensive moisturizer (can't get enough). best of luck finding your gorgeous wedding garments!!

  2. I love the bath and body works body butters! Th Korres body milks sounds like something I want to add to my collection!

    Hows the weather in India?

  3. They all look so yummy......Try some stuff from LUSH!

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