Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gisele in a Saree...East Meets West for the Cover of Vogue India

When I was in India a couple months ago, I picked up stacks and stacks of bridal and fashion magazines. I admit, I still have not flipped through them all, but I did go through my favorite, Vogue India, and am so mesmerized by this picture of Gisele in a saree:

She looks so natural, yet so stunning and I love that she is able to wear the saree, the saree is not wearing her. Of course, us normal people would wear a blouse with a saree, but in the spirit of fashion, its not necessary. Gisele looks so long and lean (who am I kidding, she IS long and lean), and I don't know what it is, but the photo is mesmerizing...

That photo was from the September 2009 issue of Vogue India, where Gisele graced the cover:

Her look is so natural and timeless. I love that she can pull of a super traditional Indian style necklace with a very non-traditional (for Indian standards) outfit.

In this close up look, Gisele is wearing very natural makeup, some taupy shades on the eyes, fresh glowy skin, and a my-lips-but-better pinky lipcolor.

All the images were scanned in, so they aren't fabulous, but I felt like sharing them with you. =)


  1. Giselle is STUNNING, imo, I haven't seen her looking bad in anything...I suppose she could dress up as Barney the dinosaur, and she'd look good, LOL

  2. @Marce That is so true!! Some girls are just born with the looks!!

  3. I'm not too fond of the sari but she actually pulls it off well!

  4. @BeautyTalk Yeah, its not the prettiest saree, but I think she wears it well.

  5. It's for Vogue Sept 2009? I'm thinking that those pics of Gisele were taken a while back...seeing as she is pregnant now. Otherwise...dang!! She looks good as a pregnant supermodel...lol!!

  6. hey Kajal, I want to try a nice moisturizer for my fresh face lines...I have a combi skin, but starting to see lines on the forehead. please help




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