Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Review of My Obsession, My Namesake.......Kajal (Guerlain Khol Kajal To Be Exact)

I have THE MOST DIFFICULT waterlines to line. I have tried every black liner out there, and when people kept raving about how amazing the Guerlain Terracotta Khol Kajal was, I just had to see if it would pass my waterline test. 

I have tried the first version of this which was in powder format, and the powder got in to my eye and didn't last long, so I was hopeful that this new stick formula would be the answer to my waterlining needs. 

Just for kicks I swatched this against my normal go-to waterlining pencil, MAC Feline, and surprisingly, Feline is slightly darker and blacker:

Left: Guerlain Kohl, Right: MAC Feline

The way this kohl works is you align it to the inner corner of your lower waterline like so:

Then, close your eye so the kohl is between your lower and upper waterlines. Drag the kohl liner from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. It seems like it could be painful or difficult, but once you try it a couple times it is actually quite easy to do!

The motion of dragging the kohl against the waterlines is the old fashioned method of using kohl that was (and still is) used in India and the Middle East. It lines both waterlines in one go. On me, I had to swipe the Guerlain kohl twice to get a decent amount of color.

No kohl on waterline

After seeing this pics I realized I had some liner smeared on the outer under eye area. Ignore this as I was testing out a product on my lower lid and it creased majorly so you will see this discoloration in all the pics in this post. 

One swipe of Guerlain kohl on waterline

Two swipes of Guerlain kohl on waterline

Looks pretty good, right? But the real test was whether or not this kohl actually lasted more than 10 minutes on my waterline. Here's how it looked after 2 hours of wear:

Guerlain kohl on waterline after 2 hours

Fail. Rarely am I out for only 2 hours so this kohl definitely did not work for me. It didn't migrate and smudge that much, which was good, but it just faded off. Until I find something better, I am going to stick to MAC Feline and gel liners for my waterline. Have you tried this or any other traditional kohl products?


  1. this looks like a super cool eyeliner .. .I hope to try it in the future!

  2. @Ev It is a neat product! Let me know what you think if you try it!

  3. Why do I still want it? Yes, I think I want it. I have the other liner from Guerlain and OMG three years later I am still in love. I love when they do India inspired consmetics, I just can't help myself.

    Although I know what you mean about MAC Kohls and waterline - they are made for each other I have smolder and it is THE best for waterline.

  4. I always have trouble with the waterline too which is why I have given up on it.

  5. Traditional kohls aren't going to stay on long because they aren't waterproof and don't have waterproof properties. They also tend to irritate the eye because of the particles.

    I'll still with ye ol' UD 24/7 liner in Zero for my waterlining needs (isn't black one bit on my lids, but black on my waterlines. Try explaining that one.)

  6. I've tried this one, as well as others that you can buy from smaller markets. I don't mind them at all, but I do prefer them for a smudgier look. Although...I think that the guerlain one may not include some of the questionable ingredients that people have brought up in some of the more traditional brands :)

  7. @Adorable Isn't that crazy how we still want things sometimes even if they aren't really that great?

    @Neena awww, have you tried using gel liners on the waterline?

    @Katie That's awesome Zero works for you. It barely shows up on me when I try to line the waterline with it!

    @fantastic Yup....I think Guerlain did their research and didn't make it with lead and all the other harmful ingredients. Are any of the smaller brands longer lasting than this one? Any recommendations?

  8. I use the Shahnaz Husain herbal kohl from Ebay. I tried this one too and had fail results from it. The Shehnaz Hussain is super pigmented, no harmful chemicals (like the usual worries from Indian kohls), same format and super soft... and sooo much cheaper (about $5 total)... =)

  9. I love Feline. Although it adheres really well to my waterline, it still smudges like craaazy. So, I usually apply it and set it with UD's Zero & seal it :) Stays put for 5 hours which is great for waterline! :)

  10. @Nausheen I have seen that kohl in Middle Eastern stores...I have to try it next time I see it. =)

    @Appu Ooh, I will try layering your way! Most of the time when I layer, the second layer ends up "erasing" the first layer but I will try it with Feline and Zerp and see what happens. Thanks for the tip!

  11. I'm sorry this didn't work for you!

    ***** Marie *****

  12. Nice review. I picked up a few items from this collection, but passed on this one and am glad I did! Check out YSL's waterproof pencil! My eyes are very watery and difficult to line the waterline as well, but this product is AMAZING and does not move! I'm a follower of your blog, if you have time check me out

  13. My waterline is quite difficult too but i got a sample from a lancome liner and it works perfectly on me (no smudging, last 5 hours before needing touch up)

  14. I always dry my waterline with a VERY clean (ie bottom end in the pack where no fingers go near it) cotton bud first - makes the wax in the liner I use (L'Oreal basic) stick better.

  15. So, I know this comment is coming a bit late after this post was made, but I just saw it today for the first time and I am so curious which eye shadow you are wearing, it is gorgeous! :-) What brand/color is it?

  16. I just seen this post as I was browsing your blog. I really like Lakme kajal. You've probably heard of it, it's from India. I like it so much that I buy it in bulk from Ebay. I did a review in my blog. I didn't post before and after pics, but I did post a swatch. :,)

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