Monday, April 18, 2011

Makeup Tip Monday: A Natural Way to Bronze

Here's a tip for those that are new to bronzing/contouring or want a more natural way to bronze or sculpt the face:

Instead of using a bronzer, most of which tend to have shimmer, use your favorite powder formula in a couple shades darker than your natural skin tone. A powder will have a more natural finish to it and it will blend easily over or under your normal powder. You can also use a powder a few shades lighter than your skin tone to highlight your face. 

Do you like to bronze or contour? What product do you use?


  1. ya this is always a good idea, i have been doing this for years.... and btw with this same mac powder!!

  2. It has been years and I seriously just don't understand how to use bronzer or how to make it work on me :/

  3. nice idea! thanx for sharing!!! =)

  4. err.......i have never used a bronzer yet....:P
    me following u btw.:))

  5. @fireproof Glad to know you already do this!!

    @Sofi Awww, perhaps I will do a bronzer tutorial in the next few weeks...

    @Argyro Thanks dear!

    @kuheli Hehe...glad to have you following!

  6. Benefit Hoola is a really nice bronzer for INdian skintone. I did try Mineralize skin-finish in medium deep and I found it too muddy looking to be a bronzer. Hoola has some golden undertones and match so perfectly with mine.

  7. Yah a friend of mine does that and it does look natural.. But i'm not a huge fan of MAC's powders/foundations.. I feel that they're too harsh on my skin..

    I love my chanel bronze universal and the new dior bronzer in sunset to add that warmth to my skin..



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