Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aveda Brilliant Universal Styling Creme Review

I recently wandered in to the Aveda store because it was opposite my favorite clothing store, Express, and this product called out to me:

Aveda's Brilliant Universal Styling Creme is described as:

Rich creme formula defines texture and seals in moisture on medium to coarse hair. Apply to dry hair to create definition. Add brilliant shine with help from certified organic aloe and other plant humectants.

• Defines texture
• Seals in moisture
• Adds shine

Since my rebonded (chemically straightened) hair has grown out, I have been wearing my hair both curly/wavy and straight. Thus, I thought this product was going to be perfect for me since it works for both curly and straight hair that is dry (which mine is).

I used this for the first time last week. It was also the last. Brilliant is like using glue in your hair! It is a white creamy product that feels EXACTLY like the glue you used when you were a child. None of the reviews I read stated this. In any case, once it was in my hair, it did add some softness, but it didn't smooth my hair at all. Nothing I try can beat Moroccan Oil. I think I need to stop trying.

I am going to take this back, so do you have any good recommendations for Aveda products?


  1. I used to be a huge aveda fan but they discontinued my alk time favourite hair serum and I've yet to forgive them :p

    I still rate their shampoos but only if your using the right one for your hair type. I love the Rosemary & mint shampoo as it cleanses deeply without stripping your scalp.

  2. @Glitterish Thanks for the rec...I will look in to their shampoos.



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