Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finished in December 2011

I didn't do a Finished in November post, as I didn't really finish anything, but I did finish a few things in December and I wanted to share my thoughts on those products.

1. The Body Shop Body Butter in Passion Fruit - This isn't a permanent scent, but I think it comes around every spring and summer. I usually like the formula for Normal/Dry skin, but this was a bit greasy and took a few minutes to absorb in the skin, which is why I didn't use it up in the summer and waited till winter to finish it. I do like the scent of tropical fruit so I loved the passion fruit fragrance. I really enjoy Body Shop's body butters so I will continue using them, but will skip this one due to the greasy texture. 

2. MAC Lightful Ultramoisture Creme - Do I really need to explain my love for this? I have raved about it many times on the blog. 

3. Bath and Body Works Ile De Tahiti Moana Body Wash in Tiare Flower - This is one of those discontinued lines from Bath and Body Works that occasionally pop up during the semi-annual sales. I LOVE the scent of Tiare Flower, more so after I smelled it everywhere during my honeymoon to Tahiti, but it is just so fresh, floral, and exotic. I think I have one more of these in my stock, but I will be using that preciously as it is my last.

4. Bliss Body Butter in Lemon + Sage - This is the most moisturizing body butter I have used....and I have used a LOT. It is quite pricey, at $28 for 6.7oz, but it really does lock in the moisture in the skin and keeps the skin soft until I shower the next day. That being said, I think I would only re-purchase this as a treat, or if I was loaded, since I think Body Shop and other brands make good body butters that are more affordable. My original review is here

5. Stila One Step Correct Face Primer - I have used this in many looks both here on the blog and for others and I have talked about it many times. In summary, I really enjoy this primer. It is my favorite non-silicon face primer and you can read my original review here

Did you finish up anything lately? If so, what was it and would you repurchase?


  1. I finished ANOTHER bottle of Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion (I think that makes 100? I don't know, it's my HG lotion) in the middle of December; I'm getting close to finishing the current big bottle I have (it's sad. *sniff*)

    I also finished a Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser, Ultra Calmer Mist, and Barrier Repair. These are my main skincare items, so of course I repurchase them. I'm working on buying the full size ones, but I currently buy the kit with all of them in them.

    I also, sadly, finished my discontinued Clinique Almost Makeup tinted moisturizer SPF 15. I found a substitute from Clinique, but it's still not as great as my Almost Makeup! *sniff sniff* (Okay, it was too pink and a shade off, but the formula was AMAZING.) The one I have now is great for my summer time skin (which is oilier than thou), but right now, if I don't apply it with a brush, it shows all of my dry spots (which is icky.) Super Moisture indeed.

    I finished my lovely Aussie 3-Minute Deeeeep too. Had to buy a new one. It seems, this year, my hair is taking a hit! It normally doesn't get too dry (my hair being a certified OPEC refinery basically), but this year, it's been super dry! I've been using this every other day!

    I'm getting super close to finishing my Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fragrance Free hand lotion which I can't live without in winter. I'm running out of everything it seems like!

    Oh, and I went through A LOT of baking ingredients, ribbon, two rolls of tape, fabric, thread, two ink catridges and wrapping paper. December is a busy month for me. XD

  2. @Katie Wow you finished a lot! I too used to LOVE the Clinique Almost Makeup formula, but as with you, the shade was a bit too pink for me so I stopped using it many years ago and started getting in to actual foundations. Overall I think Clinique's base products are too pink for olive toned gals.

  3. @ Kajal I go through a lot in December. It's a busy month for me. Mainly because my dad commands a steady supply of cookies and pie (don't make Major Dad* sad. No cookies make him sad. He STARES at the cookie jar in mourning. It's pathetic.) After December, he's fine. In December, he's horrible. Him and those darn Spritz cookies. He hates the store bought ones, so guess who's baking them at one am? Yep, that's ME. Thank God December is done. No more Katie's super secret traditional German Spritz cookies for another 11 months. My wrist was hurting something fierce for three days.

    *As well as a show, my dad is a retired Army Major. We like to make fun of him by calling him Major Dad. We're mean like that.



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