Friday, November 13, 2009

Benefit BOI-ING and Eye Bright Review

I picked up this Benefit To-Go Boi-ing and Eye Bright duo during a Sephora special. I thought it was a good chance to try out two popular Benefit products and I loved the cute little to-go packaging:

According to Sephora, this is what these products are supposed to do:

Boi-ing, the industrial-strength concealer, camouflages dark circles, shadows, and discoloration for a seamless, natural-looking finish, without creasing or fading. And Eye Bright conceals and brightens shadows in the inner corner of eyes while providing a lifting-effect for the outer corner. This dynamic duo works together to make sure your eyes radiantly pop!

It's nice that this compact has a mirror and two products in it, so it would be perfect for traveling (well, the packaging is perfect, the product itself, read below). The Eye Bright is a pinky white cream and the Boi-ing is in shade 02 - medium.

To jump to the chase: this product is going back. I actually did like the concealer, but it is not my favorite, so I would not go out to purchase this alone. It was creamy and blended well into the skin and it covered my dark circles well, but it did not last very long. I felt that this is something I would have to reapply after 4ish hours, and I need a concealer that lasts through the day.

The Eye Bright is the main reason I did not like this compact. It had a horrible consistency! It was so hard and difficult to 1. get onto my finger/brush and 2. to blend into the skin. It was not at all creamy, so it did not go on well, and it actually made me tug at the skin around the eye area, and I absolutely will not hold onto a product that makes me do that. I also did not think it did anything miraculous for me. Once on the skin, it looked a bit cakey and I felt like it highlighted the lines around my eyes instead of brightening my skin. I feel that you can use any non-shimmery highlighter or eyeshadow to get the effect this is supposed to do. I was so displeased with this one, I am going to return it...I can't make it work for me in any way.

So I am thinking about starting to do some sort of rating system when I do reviews. Do you think that would be helpful? I mean, its all subjective right since these are my own personal views, but hey, it would give a little more info on whether or not I think a product is worth trying out. I feel like there are lots of things I like, but I don't want you to feel that I like everything out there, or that I recommend you try everything I like. Ok, now I am just rambling. In any case, my rating of this product would be a D. I don't want to give products an F because that's just so sad, and I know some out there who actually might like this product, but its not for me. Does that help? Should I start this new rating for all reviews?


  1. Hm, I might have to rethink putting boi-ing on my wish list. Then again, I've got vampire skin PLUS darker than thou undereye circles. Does it have a fragrance?

    I'm really liking Almay's concealer at the moment. I can't remember what it's called but it's a stick and that thing is insane. I normally never go for a yellow based concealor (yellow + pink cool-toned porcelain skin=not pretty) but that stuff covers my undereye circles so well. It's not as creamy as I normally like my concealer but it's godly.

    I've been up to my ears in essays and reading which makes my hereditary dark undereye circles more beastly and that stuff covers every last speck of them. Bonus points--it blends nearly seamlessly with my tinted moisturizer. I hate foundation with a passion.

  2. @Kate Aw, I feel for you with all your schoolwork! I have been in your shoes, and I can say that it will get better, just take it one day at a time. =) Honestly, I think there are much better concealers than the Boi-ing. I haven't tried the Almay one, but I tend to like Almay products more than mosts drugstore brands, so I'm not surprised you like it. I personally like the MAC moisturecover concealer for under eyes because it is not heavy yet and blends very well. I recently used the Prescriptives Brightening Concealer on my friend the last few times I did her makeup, and it works really well. It is pricier at $22, but it works really well and covering dark circles and it too blends seamlessly.

  3. Ha ha, I'm counting down the days until my last day of school--December 17. That's my LAST ESSAY for the semester. Yay! I don't mind reading. It's essays. I'm not an essay person in the first place but now I despise them even more.

    It depends with Almay. I do use a lot of them though as they typically don't irritate my hyper-sensitive skin. I use their eye make-up remover pads, their volumizing mascara (love, love, love) and their concealer. Almay's stick one is pretty darn close to the HG. If only it were a taaaaaaaaad more creamy...and just the teeniest tiniest bit less yellow. I'm getting mighty close to the HG drugstore concealor. Maybe I should try the liquid version but that'd take my concealer count to like 10. Wait, I have four. A green Physician's Formula one for redness, a Neutrogena one for zit coverage, a Covergirl one that isn't as covering as I thought it would be and the Almay one. I think the CG one is getting a one-way ticket to the rubbish bin.

    Is it so hard to make a concealer that is pale enough for the palest of complexions but not ashy, creamy yet not too an oil slick, blends well with tinted moisturizer, doesn't irritate the most sensitive of skin types and still covers every last speck of my circles yet is still reasonably priced for the stingy? Let me tell you, no amount of brightening cream in the world can fix these puppies. It's heriditary. I refuse to pay $20 for a concealer.

    Didn't Prescriptives go out of business? I think I remember reading them going out of business on MBB or am I thinking of the wrong company?

  4. yes, a new rating system would be great! i like the boinng formula, but the colors are not good for me :( btw, added you..finally!

  5. @Kate Prescriptives is going out of business, but they are still alive and thriving for the time being. I am no sure when they are officially saying goodbye. Good luck on your finals!!

    @fantastic thank you! I think 3 concealer shades is too limited to cover all skin tones. The formula itself was good, but not the best, so I don't think you are missing out too much.



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