Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Benefit Lust Dusters - Amazing Deal for A Set of 3 Pigments!!

Once again I stumbled upon a great deal and just had to tell somebody....YOU!!! =)

Right now Sephora's Weekly Special is a trio of Benefit Lust Dusters that is selling for only $10!! Lust dusters are loose pigments and normally retail for $18 a piece on the Benefit website. All 3 of the pots that come in this trio are full size, so you are getting a $54 deal for only $10!! They have two different color selections:

The first contains: Snow Bunny, Goldilocks, and Nugget:
The second one contains GoGo Girl, Big Daddy, and Moon Doggie.
You can use these as shadows, blush (though probably not the green one), highlighters, mixed with lotion or dry for body shimmer. I warn you though, I have not used these before so I am not sure how good they are, but for $10 they are worth a shot!

Whether or not you love loose pigments, have been wanting to try out loose powder colors, are a Benefit fan, or simply looking for a great, affordable holiday present, I highly recommend checking these out. They will definitely sell out so get yours quick!

Oh, and remember to use Ebates for all your Sephora online shopping needs! They are offering 8% cash back right now for shopping on I did a run down of how Ebates works here.


  1. Thank you for letting us knw grl....:)

  2. i've never tried these, but they seem like such a good deal...leave it to you, to find a deal!

  3. aaahhh...this post hurts coz there is no Sephora where I live, in Australia. and I soooo wish to try this...

  4. @resham No problem! Are you going to get either of the sets?

    @fantastic haha...I just hope this blog doesn't turn into a beauty deals blog. Though maybe in these recessionista times, that would be good?

    @MadAfterMakeup Aww, sorry hun! Do you have any friends or relatives that could get it for you?

  5. No :-((.and I feel so bad coz there are such nice deals in US and also cheaper than Aus :-(

  6. @Mad After Makeup Sorry to hear that. Perhaps you will just have to make a trip to the US!!! =)

    @Christy If you get these, do let me know what you think!



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