Monday, November 9, 2009

My Favorite Silver Things - Makeup and More!

Last week Tali from The Gloss Goss did a post about her gold beauty items. Since so many bloggers have been doing gold, she suggested we mix it up a bit and try to do a post about silver items. I was quite excited to see if I could even find anything silver in my makeup stash, since I use mostly MAC and we all know that's black. It was a little bit hard to find enough silver, so I cheated a lil and this is what I came up with:

Clockwise from the left:

1. Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey Eau De Toilette - One of my FAVORITE fragrances (and my fiance's fave as well)

2. A Too Faced lipstick - The case is a silver-pinky color, so I threw it in for kicks

3. A bracelet I got while on an Alaskan cruise last year - I love this because it is so modern and unique, and I haven't seen anything else like it

4. Urban Decay eyeshadow

5. The two tubes are a Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lipcolor. The tube with pink is the lip color and the other silver tube is the gloss coat that goes over the lipcolor

6. Shu Uemura Eyelash Color - Nuff said

Work was super crazy today and I was on the phone with my client for 11 hours!! I could so use some girly pampering time right now. After I eat dinner, I think I am going to do a face mask and paint my nails.'s relaxing me already!

How was your Tuesday? Are you off for Veterans Day tomorrow? I'm not but I just look forward to the start of a fresh new day!


  1. Is it even possible to talk to a client for 11 straight hours on the phone? What happens if you have to go to the loo? Run off quickly and hope you don't miss anything whilst your using the facilities? I cannot fathom an eleven hour phone call. Poor you!

    I seem to have the opposite problem. Lots of silver and cool-toned stuff, very little gold. Gold doesn't look all that great on my cool-toned skin. My jewelry though has to be hypo-allergenic which means my jewelry collection is a bit teeny. Hyper-sensitive skin is the bane of my existence, I swear.

  2. Oh god you day (and phone call sounds tough!)

    Great silver stuff!! lol you did it!!! :) xxx

  3. 11 hrs?!?! i can't even imagine!
    alaskan cruise--how did you like it? my parents keep trying to convince me to go on one up to alaska, and i've yet to budge...mexico, yes..but i thought alaska may be too cold!

  4. @Kate Well, my client would hold long enough to go to the bathroom, and I got a 20 min break to eat. 11 hours on the phone was waaaay too long and I hope it doesn't happen again. But it's over now and I am on to other things!

    You should do a post about your silver stuff! I would love to see your collection!

    @Tali Thanks! Yes it was a fun challenge to find silver stuff! ;)

    @fantastic The Alaskan cruise was AMAZING! I highly recommend it because you see glaciers and other natural beauty that you just can't see from land. I went in May, and it was in the 50s and 60s, so it was cold, but not horrible. I love coats and boots so I had a blast with the cold weather! If you have the change, go!!! The port is so close to you too! =D

  5. Kajal--Bahahahaha, when I finally get my hands on a regular USB cable, I'll use my camera phone. I've still got to develop Z's Halloween film. I might be able to get my paws on one when I finally go get new printer catridges. My poor printer has no color ink and I've nearky four empty catridges. Ha ha ha.



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