Thursday, November 19, 2009

Purple Eyeshadow: Drama and Fun...All Rolled In To One!!

It is almost the weekend, and that means time for some fun! Here's a quick look I did a few days ago that was bright, fun, and brought a little drama to the eye:

I used all MAC: Stars and Rockets on the lid, followed by a mixture of Smut and Satellite Dreams in the crease. I decided to go all out purple so I lined my top lid and waterline with Fab Orchid Eye Pencil, and did a sweep of Stars and Rockets on the lower lid. I'm not wearing mascara in these pics, but I did top it off with Lancome Definicils to complete the look.

I was on the MAC website earlier today and I noticed that this is somewhat similar to the model's eye look in the Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Collection photo. Her eye makeup is more winged out and has more fuschia in it, but it falls in the same purple category.

Speaking of purple, it is all over the place in the fashion world too! You know how most little girls choose either purple and pink as their favorite colors? I was never one of those! Somehow I didn't really like purple growing up, but I am now loving deep eggplant hues, vivid indigos, and even bright fuchia-violets.....ahhh....I love color!


  1. Love this look! I love stars and rockets and satellite dreams.

  2. Nice!! I'm not great with purple - makes me look like I've not had enough sleep... ;o)

  3. This is such a pretty look. I love purples and they look great on you!

  4. @Neena Thanks! Both are fabulous colors and easy to blend.

    @mad munky Hehe, have you tried different shades of purple? Perhaps you can tie in just a bit of purple by lining your eyes with a deep eggplant color?

    @gio Thank you hun! Purples are indeed very fun to wear on the eyes!



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