Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Loose powders making a mess? Here's what I do

Do you own any makeup that is a loose powder? Ever notice how it always makes a mess and you end up spilling a good amount every time you use it? I am so clumsy with loose powders it practically turns me off of buying more...but alas some products are just so amazing that I have to deal with the mess. Until now.

What I discovered not too long ago is a little trick to minimize the spillage factor. I will take my loose powder product and try to get the powder to go back down the filter through the little holes. I will use some kind of clean, sanitized spatula so I don't get bacteria in the product. Here I used one of those little spoons you get when you go out for gelato. (Yes, I save and clean these guys and keep them handy for makeup, putting in little spice jars, etc.) I take the spoon and move the powder back and forth allowing it to fall through the filter holes like so:
Once most of the powder is down through the holes (or when I have lost my patience doing so), then I will move the remaining powder on the filter to one side. Then I take a piece of clear tape and cover most of the holes. In this photo I have covered about half of the holes:
I will keep doing this until only 3 or 4 holes are exposed. I find that is enough to give me the right amount of product for one application.

With this powder I had already opened and used it months ago so I had a lot of product I had to push through the holes. Therefore, I recommend taping holes as soon as you purchase and open a new loose powder. Most loose powders should have a sticker on the filter that you have to peel off. As soon as you peel that off, use some tape and tape up the holes. That way, you can avoid the first step I showed you here and you will thank yourself for saving that time. Ta-da! Easy as that and now you will not have a powdery mess when you open up a loose powder jar!

Oh, in case you are wondering what product I was using in the photos, that is a MAC loose beauty powder in drizzlegold. It is a sheer shimmery powder that can be used anywhere, but is absolutely divine as a highlighter on all skintones. I will use the 224 to pick some up and dust it lightly above the cheekbones and on the temples. This also gives a great shimmer to the shoulders and other areas of the body. It gives a subtle sheen to the skin and picks up the light beautifully. Loose beauty powders are a PRO product so if you are interested in getting one, check out or call a MAC PRO store.


  1. dear, have you checked the tag? i am done with it =)

    love lots,

  2. As soon as you purchase loose powder, you can take a knife w/ a long sharp point and just pop holes in the original tape/covering....just a few holes. This ensures that only a controlled amount of powder is dispensed.

  3. Wow, this a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have absolutely no patience for powder. Why do you think I have all those compacts? I can barely go a day without tripping or stumbling. I also have a habit of overestimating how much force I need to use and I have puffs of powder everywhere when I finally do open the darned thing.

    Loose Powder + Kate = not a good combo.

    Although, I must admit, I do love Lime Crime Cosmetics. I have one eyeshadow at the moment but boy do they pack a wollop in the pigment department. They come as loose eyeshadows (with sifter) and are not pressed so I'm always super duper careful opening that one up lest I want hot pink eyeshadow all over my clothes, my dresser, my floor, etc.

  5. @rhaindropz Yes I saw it...thanks!!!!

    @anonymous Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I am not sure that will work for every loose powder product because the sticker that comes on the sifter is not very sticky/tacky and peels off quite easily. What products have you used that method with?

    @Neena No prob! I am always happy to share new tricks. They may be old tricks, but new to me! =)

    @Kate Hahaha I used to be exactly iike you with the powder. Wait, I think I still am....I remember a big shimmery mess I found the other day when I was trying to use a shimmer powder....hehe anyways, I have never heard of lime crime cosmetics...where is it available?

  6. Seriously great tip.. never even thought of that!! xx

  7. Lime Crime Cosmetics is owned by Xenia of Doe Deere Blogazine (my eye candy of the day). I'm warning you now--the swatch you see on the site is as bright and pigmented as it is in real life. The glitters are all eye-and-lip safe too (unlike MAC's gltter pigments).

  8. That's a great tip! I never though of that, thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for sharing the tip! I wish MAC pigments had sifters though, then I'd be able to do this, haha!

  10. @Kate Thanks for the letting me know about Lime Crime..I will have to check it out when I return to the States.

    @Ranjani Glad you liked the trick! Do you have any special makeup tricks? Would love to hear about them!

    @Gio hehe I have started to get creative in solving my cosmetic issues. I also hate wasting products....

    @Marce Yeah, sifters on pigments would be awesome! I think spillage factor is the main reason I don't use pigments very often. Maybe the MAC people are reading this and they will get a hint! =)

  11. I've been successful in keeping my precious MUFE HD powder from unnecessary spillage while I travel and it goes all upside down in my purse/bag.
    I just stuff one folded square cotton swab (the kinds for make up removal) into the space between the sifter and the cap. Since it's only powder and a cotton swab, I don't bother changing it out more often than every few days.
    The powder tends to stick to itself a bit so it doesn't spill out much when I deliberately tap it into the cap for application but for that, your tape idea would be great.



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