Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get Ready For Your Photo-Op!!!! Just Skip Smashbox's Photo-Op!!

Hello friends. I am your Kajal Couture blogger. Are you tired, run-down, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? The answer to all your problems might be this little bottle tube. Vitamitavegamin. Smashbox's Photo-Op Under Eye Brightener.

(If you didn't catch on to that intro, it's from the famed I Love Lucy Show.)

So maybe I haven't been getting pooped out at parties, but I definitely went through some mega life changes this year, and have made concealer my best friend. I was hoping this would be my concealer substitute. 

Wearing undereye concealer only 

 Smashbox's Photo-Op Under Eye Brightener swiped over concealer 

Wearing Smashbox's Photo-Op Under Eye Brightener over concealer 

Yes it has brightening effects, but it does not help conceal or diminish darkness. It is too light in color and too sheer. It didn't make any difference whatsoever. I tried it mixed with concealer, without concealer, under concealer, over concealer, and did not notice any improvement. I have a feeling this product may only work for those with a fair complexion who have light under eye circles.   

Kajal Couture Rating: C-

So back to my little tube of concealer. What's your HG regimen for hiding under eye circles?

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