Friday, May 13, 2011

Time to Turn Up the Heat!!! MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect Review

Last week I told you how unimpressed I have been with the recent MAC collections. Flighty was ok...not as bad as it was made out to be...but still not jaw-droppingly amazing. I am hoping the upcoming Surf Baby collection will bring me out of my MAC new collection slump.

In the meantime, I figured I would share with you some of my all-time favorite products from MAC's permanent collection. This first one is a product I have purchased over and over again, and will continue to do so for years to come. It is the MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50:

The first time I bought this it was because I wanted sun protection for my face. I had tried the infamous Shiseido sunscreen for the face and it broke me out horribly. The Prep + Prime Face Protect doesn't break me out and it still offers an SPF level of 50!! Hooray!

Although the product is a white cream like most sunscreens, it doesn't make me look white in pictures and my face doesn't feel greasy all day. This also acts like a primer and helps my makeup last all day and provides a great base for foundation allowing it to blend easily over the skin. You need a really small amount to cover the entire face and neck area so one tube should easily last you through the spring and summer. I even use this as a pure sunscreen on my face when I am at the beach or pool and am not wearing any makeup. I simply apply this on my face and neck and use my regular Neutrogena sunscreen on the rest of my body.

The only thing I don't like is the tube packaging. It's one of those that you can't squeeze completely so you can't get all the product out at the end, and it doesn't have a base so it won't sit up on a table. That being said, I LOVE the product inside the package and for that I will continue using this.

Have you tried this? What sun protection do you like?


  1. This is my primer of choice! I absolutely adore that it has SPF, plus I'm really glad it doesn't make me look pale in pictures. This product is 100% full of win, in my book!

  2. VijiiS Yay!! I always love it when I find others who love the same products as I do!!! =)

  3. This is my HG primer! I absolutely love it!

  4. Thanks for the follow hun..

    You have a lovely blog.. Following you back =)

  5. @Neena Me too!!! =)

    @Delyteful Thanks dear!!! I'm excited to read more of your posts!!!



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