Friday, December 16, 2011

Sue Devitt Black Widow Mascara Review and Swatch

So about a month or so ago PR recently sent me the following Sue Devitt Black Widow Mascara to try out:

When I starting writing this post I went on the Sue Devitt website to read more about the product and it's no longer listed on the website. I have a feeling it is discontinued, and that is a good thing because this mascara is horrible. That probably makes this review useless, but in the slight chance it is available somewhere and someone is interested in it, I hope this review saves that one person from wasting their money.

The wand is a pretty good shape but the mascara formula is really poor.

Eyes with no mascara

Eye lashes curled

Eye lashes curled with one coat of Black Widow Mascara

As you can see, there is very little difference with the mascara on. This mascara did absolutely nothing for my lashes. Oh well, in the bin this goes and on to the next!


  1. Yeah, good mascaras are hard to come by!



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